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Ketogenic Diet 101: Is It A Fad?

  To make trying the Ketogenic diet easier, grab a free copy of the New York Times bestselling Keto cookbook with 150 recipes (currently $14 on Amazon)! Click here to grab your free book!Β    With the proliferation of diet trends, it can be confusing to identify which diet produces truly effective health benefits. Unlike other low-carb diets, the ketogenic diet, aka the Keto Diet, has been served by hospitals for years to supplement certain medical treatments. Likewise, ketogenic diets have been widely exalted by health gurus and celebrities in their weight-loss effort. Interested in learning more about the advantages […]

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Top 5 Must-Haves from Bite Beauty

We are biased towards Bite Beauty and that’s because every single one of their products has proven to be absolutely amazing. From the different formulas, wear time, shade selection, comfort, packaging, and price point, Bite Beauty really knows what they’re doing when it comes to lips. Toronto-based Bite Beauty is cruelty-free while claiming that their ingredients are good enough to eat. We understand that we all have different food preferences, but let’s stop at eating lipstick. The ingredients, as Teri would say, are not that bad, and she loves several shades and formulation from the brand. We understand that this […]

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Top 3 Brow Fibers

The brow game is still going strong. Luscious, full, and expertly groomed brows have become the it-thing on everyone’s faces. By now, you’ve become familiar with different types of methods to fill in your brows be it via pencil, powder, pomade, tint, or gel. You can even get microblading done to achieve the “I woke up with perfect brows” look. Maybe I’m out of the game, but I recently tried a popular brow fiber product and my entire life pretty much changed. Brow fibers build on the hairs you currently have making them appear fuller and giving you this 3-D […]

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Top 10 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the rush is on just about everywhere. Trader Joe’s was a madhouse this weekend and I was the one person in line holding one item. All I needed was bread and not side eyes. Anywho, I decided to look for some recipes to see if I could trick my friends and family into thinking that not only was this dish delicious but surprise, it’s vegan/vegetarian. There’s actually a vegan place near my house that I’ve brought my kids to and we got Mongolian “beef” and they had no clue that it actually wasn’t. I […]

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How to Quietly Transition Loved Ones to Green Beauty Through Holiday Gifts

Several food blogs and savvy moms talk about ways to sneak veggies and healthier ingredients into things like cookies and muffins. I wondered how I could apply the same idea to green beauty to family and friends. My strategy for tackling this idea is by introducing my friends and family to clean beauty by giving it as a gift! The trick here is to choose the right kind of products to give so that the recipient feels like it’s something fun and thoughtful rather than the pressure and judgment from you. And honestly, I believe that everyone has the right […]


Top 10 Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Culinary

Culinary gifts and gadgets are really so exciting. There are always innovative culinary products that help make life so much easier like programmable coffee makers and forever sharp knives. Then you’ve got the highly coveted (can confirm to be true) Instant Pot that is a family’s lifesaver year round. You can toss a bunch of things into this pot in the morning and come home to a perfect warm meal by dinner time. If you’re in a crunch, the Instant Pot can produce chicken soup straight from the freezer in approximately 45 minutes. You probably have that one dutch oven […]

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Top 5 Products for Brush Lettering Lovers

Who doesn’t love brush lettering? From pens that experts use to even the perfect paper to help you glide along with your letters, these are the tried and true staples you need to do brush lettering. These are the most recommended items used by the experts to help you get on your way to the most beautiful penmanship you’ll ever have! Just in time to get started on addressing your holiday cards!   The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide: A Complete Step-by-Step Creative Workbook to Jump Start Modern Calligraphy Skills   Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers (10-Pack)   Hand Lettering […]

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Top 5 Rain Boots for Fall

Fall is hands down, the most beautiful season of all. The changes in weather and the environment are so dramatic and gorgeous. Fall rain is even better even though it wreaks havoc on traffic and people’s lives, but when you get to stay home, it’s wonderfully cozy. Fall rain also makes it feel like air is cleaner and makes each morning feel crispier. Rain boots become a necessity if you live where it actually rains and here are some of our favorites that will keep your feet dry and cute all at the same time.   Sam Edelman Women’s Tinsley […]

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Top 5 Organic After-School Snacks

After-school snacks were the epitome of childhood. Ruffles, Lays, Cheetos, Doritos, fruit snacks, and fruit punch. Then running around safely after quickly finishing homework with the neighborhood kids. We miss childhood so much, don’t you? Life has changed so much, things are more convenient these days thanks to Amazon Fresh buying Whole Foods, we now get organic snacks at beautiful Amazon prices. Kids these days have much healthier and fancier options than us 30+-year-olds ever did when it comes to snacks. Here are some of our childhood favorites with an organic twist!   CLIF KID ZFRUIT Organic Fruit Snack Strawberry […]

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Top 5 Chic Desk Essentials

Desk essentials are so fun yet slightly maddening to accrue. There are so many desk accessories you can choose from that it can get overwhelming. If you’re looking for the perfect desk essentials to achieve the ultimate minimalistic, classic feel, look no further than these select items. Not only are they actually useful (won’t be collecting dust) but they are as chic as it gets. This collection feels like it’s put together very easily but not like you’re trying too hard to be Pinterest-perfect. Our favorites are absolutely everything on this list!   Jewelry Tray   Hanging Picture Frames (Set […]