1 book that will change your life

1 Book That Will Change Your Life (and Business)

Yes, this is yet another rave for “4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss.

If you haven’t read the 4-Hour Workweek, stop whatever other book you’re currently reading and pick up this one instead. It’s that important to your life and business.

For those that are unfamiliar with the 4-Hour Workweek (4HWW), the main premise is that most of us simply overwork, and that our work can be condensed into a shorter period of time if we cut out distractions and unimportant tasks, and focus on what matters most. Using the term “4-hours” is unrealistic for most of us (especially bootstrapping entrepreneurs), but Tim Ferriss did get one thing right: We all need to stop doing work that is unimportant to achieve our main goal, outsource and/or automate tasks (because we can’t do everything!), and to stop getting distracted in our days.

The 4HWW really did start a modern revolution in how we think about work. Since the book’s release, there’s been a slow shift from doing the rat race and 80-hour work weeks, to a life that is full of hobbies, travel and fun through the means of work that is so well automated that it doesn’t require tons of time.

Automated work is the key to real “work freedom.” By building a well-oiled machine (either through apps, programs, software, employees etc), and taking as many tasks off of our own plates as possible, we are able to then free up our time and devote it to bigger-picture responsibilities such as being the visionary for our business.

This is one of the big draws to startups that are in the subscription box service (especially in the beauty niche, but now in other niches including pet supplies, men’s clothing, razors, food and more), where the income comes in automatically every month because their customers are on a subscription (so income is very predictable month-over-month). Subscription boxes are just 1 example of work automation (which is automating income).

The idea of automation sounds so hype-y, I know. But it’s a true and real strategy that many businesses employ, both startups to Fortune 500’s. That pop-up box that asks for your email when you visit a website? That’s automated. The $7.99 Kindle book you are going to buy? That’s automated too (the author wrote the book 1 time, yet is getting recurring revenue every time the book is bought through Amazon). Etsy ads for a handmade shower curtain? That’s also automated to help that Etsy seller’s marketing process. Automation is all around us, yet now it is very well disguised.

But getting automation in place for your life and business takes a lot of work, upfront. That’s the beauty of any automation process, you do all the work upfront to set it up, and after that initial phase, it’s just “maintenance work” every once in awhile to make sure the machine is still going. This automation thus frees up your time to do other projects that you enjoy, and it’s less stress on you if parts of your business are automated.

This is where the 4-Hour Workweek really inspired me, to figure out ways to automate my life and business so that I can free up as much time as I can to finally work on the vision of my business and my life.

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