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5 Best Eyeshadows for Spring

Spring is trying to break through the grips of winter around here which means we are all changing up our makeup color schemes. Spring is the perfect time to brighten up our looks. Today, we will quickly share with you our top 5 favorite eyeshadows for spring. Eyeshadow during the daytime in Spring is often optional as we are mainly focusing on our skin and lip color so we can quickly head out the door to play outside.

But, eyeshadow doesn’t have to be hard. We often think about having to pick at least two colors and blend expertly to pull of a complete Spring makeup look. This is further from the truth. Eyeshadow can be easy, quick, and one perfect shade can enhance those beautiful eyes without having to spend 3 hours on blending.

Let’s take a look!


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Gressa Eye Tint in Aureo

You can’t go wrong with this bright champagne shade, especially this one by Gressa because you don’t need an eye primer whatsoever even if you have oily lids. It’ll leave you looking awake and polished in under 10 seconds, flat. You can apply this with your fingers (it’s actually best to apply with your fingers to warm up the product) by dabbing it all over your lid or just on the middle of your lid to create that pop of brightness. You can also apply it in the inner corners or even use this as a highlighter!


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Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Angelic

Pink can be a scary color because you don’t want to look like you have pink eye. But, this shade is soft enough with the perfect level of pink to create a delicate Spring look. It’s truly angelic and will leave you looking refreshed. You don’t have to a master blender because this shade is seriously forgiving. So, swipe it on, blend it out, and you’re good to go faster than you can apply your mascara.


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Rituel De Fille Ash & Amber Eye Soot in Seven Sisters

This texture is powder to cream and in the most delicious shade of purple. You can do a light swipe over the lids for day time and then build it up easily for a beautiful, mysterious night time look. To avoid looking like you have a black eye, simply apply the shade to just the upper lid.


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Red Apple Lipstick in Clean Slate

We are so obsessed with about 7, not 50, shades of gray right now. This one is so versatile, so forgiving, and easy to use. It adds just the perfect amount of definition and you can build it up for a great smokey eye look without having to use black.


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Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow in Moonlight

Of course, we need a brown in the mix. This is a great alternative to purples, grays, and blacks. Because it is a mineral formulation, it’ll also give your eyes a multidimensional look. Again, one swipe for definition and simple color for day time. And easily buildable to vamp it up for night time.


The darker eyeshadows can be your one shadow to meet all your eye looks: simple, smokey, or defined. The lighter eyeshadows are excellent for simple brightening if you just want your eyes to look awake and pop without using too much color. Let us know what your favorite shades are for Spring time! Have fun and good luck!

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