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5 Best Summer Family Activities

What better time to really connect and grow memories with your family than summer time? With the days being much longer, there’s plenty of sunlight after dinner for a nice walk or bike ride. Summer is also when kids are off school and if you’re lucky enough to be at home with the kids, there are plenty of summer activities for them to do right now such as swimming, soccer, gymnastics, and karate.

When we think of summer family activities, we might also think that it might cost a fortune. After all, kids are expensive even if you strive to be thrifty. Sure, some activities do cost some money, but many don’t cost anything other than putting your phone down and being in the moment.

Here are our top 5 summer family activities.


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$ Hide & Go Seek / Build-a-Fort & Watch a Movie

If it’s too hot outside and you’re one of the lucky ones with air conditioning, making it a staycation is the perfect activity. You can play hide & go seek. Have you ever seen kids play hide & go seek? It’s pretty much magical when they find you. You can also build-a-fort and then watch a movie in the comfort of your living room. Have you ever met a child who did NOT want to build-a-fort?? Get some pillows set up, a nice flat bedsheet (not the fitted ones, that’s going to make your life a living hell), decide on a movie, crawl inside and enjoy camping indoors. Your kids are going to think you’re the coolest parents ever if you do either of these activities.


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$$ Water Balloon Party

What’s the next best thing to watching a movie in a fort? Water. Balloons. You can get a million of them for next to nothing here. These days, they’ve made it so easy to fill up balloons quickly. No more manually blowing up a balloon and trying to put water inside only for it to break all over you. You can have the best party ever right in your backyard. Coolest parents ever, level 2.


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$$$ Bike Riding / Kayaking / Canoeing

These days, you can rent bikes, kayaks, and canoes if you live anywhere near a body of water. So, you probably wouldn’t have to shell out too much cash for this, but you’d have to pay for the rental. But, if you want to really get vested into the action, then you’d have to purchase your own bike, kayak, or canoe. Used items can be as excellent as brand-new ones, so you be sure to check out your local specialty shop. Weekends spent riding the trails with the kids is one of the best activities for young families. It helps keep you all active and something about bikes makes a childhood complete.


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$$$.$ Weekend Getaway

By mini, we mean within 3-5 hour driving distance. Whether it be in the mountains, the next city over, the next city in the next state over, something that doesn’t require that much luggage or extensive planning (e.g., making sure you have enough stuff to entertain the kids in a small space for a long period of time). Book a nice hotel room where you can stay for a few nights and explore the city. Whether it be a new place or an old favorite, little getaways can cleanse the soul and lift everyone’s spirits from the monotony of the daily grind.

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$$$$ Tropical / Other Wordly Getaways

Hawaii. France. Australia. Italy. Bahamas. Fiji. Japan. Disney Cruise to Alaska. Hey, maybe even the USA. Whether it be just your nuclear family going to Hawaii or a having a huge family reunion in the Seychelles. Getting away to some place that requires you to mingle with TSA, a change in time zone, and leaving all your cares behind is the ultimate summer family activity.


Let us know your favorite family summer activities are below!!

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