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5 Easy Hacks for Better Mornings

We can guess that most of you aren’t morning people and if you are, please tell us your secrets. We know there’s that saying that the “early bird gets the worm” but what’s the big deal about that worm?

Lately, all of us here at #teamteri have been waking up earlier than we ever have. We are full of regret when that alarm goes off at the horrid life decision we made the night before. But, from all of us who are not morning people, there’s something actually magical about getting up at the crack of dawn. You get to see the sunrise, you have time for yourself before the hustle of the day starts, and that feeling of forever rushing diminishes.

Here are 5 easy hacks for better mornings.


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Try to Get Decent Sleep the Night Before

This one is ridiculously obvious but we live in a world where we can’t turn off our phones before we go to sleep. Staying on your electronics keeps your brain buzzing and then you end up with late night anxiety worrying about things that might happen the next morning. Turn off your electronics 30 minutes before going to bed so you can actually try to get some decent sleep.


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Don’t Open Email Until Noon

This one is a favorite because there’s nothing more jarring than opening email the moment you crack open your eyes. Unless you are waiting for an email from Josh Groban, it all can wait. Your heart rate and anxiety can shoot through the roof before your feet have even touched the floor because suddenly you feel frantic in trying to get things done. Take care of yourself and the immediate living things around you first before you address all 125 emails.


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Organize the Night Before

Lay out your clothes, your kids clothes, and mentally determine (if you haven’t already physically already prepared meals) what you’re going to make for breakfast. Write your to-do list the night before so you have a predetermined path for the day versus randomly adding things on as you go. Mornings with or without kids are always crazy trying to rush out the door. Prepare what you can the night before so you can be on auto-pilot while getting dressed and feeding everyone.


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Ok, some of you don’t drink coffee, we don’t know how that’s even possible. You are officially an elite type of human being. The rest of us, this is the immediate and easy answer.


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Avoid Hitting the Snooze Button

This is a hard one. You want to kill your alarm clock every morning already, don’t you? Aside from the obligatory reasons of getting up every morning for work and taking care of children, find something that makes you want to get up even earlier. Be it a jog, gym class, coffee date, or that special morning walk with your puppy. This is your special time all to yourself, so force yourself to get up and you’ll be so much happier when you do.


Mornings don’t have to be evil. A habit takes about 14 days to form, so if you can stick it out for 2 weeks, you might actually become the happiest morning person on the block. Those sunrises are magical and that time alone to yourself is really priceless. You might find that waking up at 515am everyday makes you happier and healthier all at once. Have fun and good luck!

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