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5 Easy Refreshing Summer Drinks

Did anyone feel the wrath of summer with 120F degree temperatures in Phoenix? People were seriously baking cookies in their vehicles. Something about that seems so right and so wrong at the same time. Yet, we are barely halfway through this summer and we need to find delicious, refreshing drinks to keep us hydrated. There’s only so much plain cold water we can drink before we start looking for a soda to give our taste buds some excitement.

Here are some favorite and easy recipes that we’ve been using since it became uber hot. These recipes will feel like a party in your mouth without all the extra stuff that soda has.


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45 Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Let’s start off with the non-alcoholic drinks that are delicious, refreshing, and family friendly. Here are 45 of the yummiest summer drinks in all the land.


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Watermelon Breeze

What would summer be without watermelons? It’d be winter (bad joke). But, look at how tasty this looks. Are you salivating yet?


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Strawberry Lime Cucumber and Mint Infused Water

When water gets boring, you can spruce it up with strawberries, limes, cucumber, and mint. If this isn’t the epitome of what refreshing looks like, then may the force help you.


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Strawberry Rose Sangria

Two words rose and sangria. This is obviously an adult drink that is literally perfect year round but more so during the summer. It’s beautiful, it’s Pinterest worthy, it’s delicious, and imagine yourself sipping this on your porch on a warm summer’s night. Life is good.


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Lemonade Wine Cocktail

So, we just had to throw in another drink that’s decorated with a little wine to help us decorate our summer days, too. It’s healthy though, it has lemons in it so have at it!


Let us know what your favorite summer drinks are below!!!! Stay cool, hydrated, and have fun!


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