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5 Easy St. Patty’s Healthy Food Ideas

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ve scoured the internet webs looking for some of the healthiest and yummiest food recipes to help you celebrate this holiday. Even though it is usually about making sure you wear green so you don’t get pinched, magical little leprechauns who guard rainbows, and plenty of merry drinking, you can still have fun while being a little healthier. As much as we are for taking a me-day, that me-day should be fun and not nursing a hangover. *Wink*

Here are some delicious and pretty food ideas full of green and flavor below.


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Ombre Veggie Tray

Who knew ombre could be applied to more than hair, lipstick, and superior blended eyeshadow.


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Irish Potato Bites

So, yes this has some bacon as most food recipes for St. Patty’s does consist of bratwurst and cabbage. This is just an idea of where to start so for the readers who are vegan/vegetarian, please replace with your delicious alternative!


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Shamrock Cupcake Recipes

One word: cupcakes.


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Shamrock Tortilla Chips

This is for the lady who is seriously Martha Stewart in the kitchen because I can’t even cut a straight line even after I’ve drawn a line using a ruler. Bowing down to the one who cuts out shamrocks from tortillas.


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Shamrock Fried Eggs

This looks delicious and literally, starving right now typing this out. There are eggs here which may not be acceptable for those who are vegan and certain levels of vegetarians. Please be sure to replace with what makes your belly happy!

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