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5 Hacks for Big Goal Attainment

Are you tired of hearing about goal attainment by now? Hopefully, not too much but rather, you feel that we are that team that may not talk to you often, but we are all rooting for you behind the scene to do something great for yourselves this year.

Some may think that a life full of unfinished goals may be daunting and full of pressure to achieve all the time. But, a life without any goals whatsoever can be unfulfilling. Some of the best tips below are so simple. The first one is to write things down. You know that bullet journals are all the rage now, so maybe it’s time to start one and see where that takes you. The second easiest tip is what we’ve mentioned before in our earlier hacks and that is to start really, really small. There’s science to back up the significance of achieving small things that helps you continue to persevere.

Sometimes, you can look at someone and think they are winning so easily. Look at Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Brendon Burchard, and even Susanne Norwitz. They all started somewhere and it wasn’t at the top of the mountain. We are certain they can humbly assure you of that. They all persevered, kept their eye on the prize, and weren’t afraid to fail before they succeeded.

Let’s check out some of the amazing hacks we’ve found that are not only doable but pretty inspirational if you ask us. We really hope these help bring back a new zest to your attaining your goals.


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Write Things Down

So simple. Do it on a pretty piece of paper or on your hand. Who cares where it’s done, as long as it’s done.


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Track It

This is where the bullet journal #bujo (not read as boo-ho) comes into play. Google bullet journal and you’ll find about a trillion helpful links to get you started like here, here, and here.


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Smallest Steps Ever

Just to drill in the pure fact that small steps are totally amazing.


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The Science Behind Success

Ever watch a kid get what he really wants? That’s willpower, tenacity, and perseverance. We, as adults, need some of what they got back in our lives again.


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So Many Acroynums for Goal Success

This article is probably our favorite one because it’s extensive and slightly intense. If you love instruction and longer articles, this one is for you.

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