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5 Hacks to Stop Wasting Time

So far this month, we’ve talked about making big changes such as: letting go of things in life that no longer bring you contentment, how to be happier and healthier, how to manage your money, and how to find balance in your life. These changes, if made properly, may help us all move forward in life in the best, most positive way possible.

As we continue with this theme, we will discuss one of the biggest changes that challenge many of us year after year: how to stop wasting time. The more positive twist with the same idea is “how to make more time for what matters”. Our lives are so busy, fast-paced, and we are all trying to fit in more into our 18 hour days.

Here’s a round-up of 5 rather entertaining and productive hacks on how to stop wasting time.


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4 Easiest Steps, Ever

There are 4 easy steps here to take to stop wasting time that are too easy to dismiss. Our favorite is “quit winging it”. There are certain days and times when it is appropriate and even demands us to “carpe diem”. But, when you “Carpe diem” all the time, you will end up feeling more like you “crapped on today”. Check out the simple tricks here to create more time for yourself now.


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Stupidly Easy Hacks, Try Them Now

Like the title suggests, there are easy hacks anyone can do to stop wasting time and they are stupidly easy. The overall theme so far here is quit checking email every 5 minutes. Actually, quit checking every social media platform that connects you to a trillion people who you don’t even know every 5 minutes and focus on things you need to get done.


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When Procrastination Isn’t A Game Anymore

Procrastination has been everyone’s game since we hit the 7th grade. With youth, energy, and impulsive yet quick synapses on our side, we could produce a sub-par, passing grade piece of work even after procrastinating. The only problem is that this behavior only gets us past 7th grade and not with bigger life dreams. We are all procrastinators, but check out how to play less of this game to achieve more significant goals.


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More Big Girl/Boy Tips

Our favorite from this list is “get dressed like a big girl/boy”. Time and time again, we’ve heard that simply getting dressed can make a world of difference in how you get determined to face the day. Staying in bed and sweats all day long tells your brain you want to sleep, all day. We’re not asking you to get on your party-in-the-club outfits, but real pants, a top, and yes, a bra (bralette even) just to get your perky and enthusiastic for the day.


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Now, this is our kind of article right here. It induces a bit of cackle and sarcasm, but ends up giving us actual helpful tips at the end. Our favorite tips here are “Hug your dog” and “Give yourself a break, man!”. We are all about seeking a little confidence booster from our pets because after all, they are the only ones who love us the most. And, giving ourselves a break. We aren’t machines after all. But, not the biggest, longest break in the world otherwise we just end up losing momentum.


No one is asking for perfection, but what we are asking is to honestly try really hard each day and go from there. We want to see you succeed in whatever it is you want to do this year. We are cheering you on. Take baby steps. Even if tomorrow results in tears and feels like you ended up taking 5 steps back, the next day is a new day to be 1% better than the day before. You got this!


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