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5 Ways to Master Your Emotions

We all know emotions are a powerful entity. We use it to express ourselves, convey our feelings, and even as an outlet to exude our personalities. Something about February gets us emotional, be it the inception of the whole lovey-dovey expectation of Valentines or because Target has had hearts and candy out since Jan 1st.

It’s a beast that many of us feel like we’ve tamed but then we lose the leash. We equate our wellness with being able to understand and control our emotions yet we unleash our emotions in the worst way when times get trying. Blame hormones, retrograde, the ability to absorb all the emotions around us, or the poor FedEx guy, being able to handle our emotions is productive, a sign of maturity, and will probably lower your risk of a stroke from being able to control your blood pressure.

Here are 5 ways to master your emotions.



Brendon states that the first step in mastering your emotions is also having confidence in yourself that you will figure things out. You may feel frustrated, angry, or annoyed at a problem, but all of that aside, you feel pretty sure that you can find a solution to that problem.



The second step in mastering your emotions is feeling that you can rely on yourself. You can say with confidence that you are in charge of your emotions and in a sense your life. You have the power to generate the emotions you want to feel versus just mimicking what others feel.


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The third step is being brave enough to be vulnerable and showing a side of yourself to others closest to you. Here you practice voicing what you really want in life and what you desire. You may end up sharing some really honest feelings which Brendon compares to walking on eggshells but the key is to keep on walking. This is where you grow in your own voice and strength in believing in yourself.



The fourth step in mastering your emotions is learning self-talk. You practice telling yourself how you’ll respond in any given situation. The question to ask yourself here is, “How would your best self-respond?” If you are about to embark on a really hard conversation with someone, practicing how you respond to how they might possibly respond will help you control your emotions so much better through anticipation. Blindly going into an emotional battlefield will result in all the makeup coming off your face.



The last step in mastering your emotions is to know how to me empathetic. Showing sympathy for someone is you feeling bad/pity for them. You don’t actually feel what they feel which is empathy. When you have empathy, the focus and concern is completely on that other person. You quit thinking about yourself and fully want to understand what that person is feeling. Empathy is a powerful emotion to master because you have to quit thinking about yourself for once and how often do we really do that? We are always looking out for #1 and when we step out of that moment and want to do what’s best for someone else, you actually experience more happiness and fulfillment in your own life.


Teri is a prime example of emotional mastery and she’s learned how to do this over time from our all time favorite, Brendon Burchard. When the going gets tough, she’s calm, collected, and has her head on straight. When the going gets tough for me, she’s still calm, collected, and helps talk me through the roughest of situations. It doesn’t mean she’s a robot or void of emotions, but she sees the bigger picture at hand and is able to make better, more rational decisions in spite of it all.


Check out Brendon’s video here!

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