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Hi, it’s Teri!

Taking all of my professional experience in content creation, beauty, health and business, TERIMIYAHIRA.COM grew out of a passion for sharing what it means to live an inspired life, through conscious daily decisions. It’s not enough for us to buy all-natural beauty products or eat an organic diet. To truly live a healthy life, we have to look at both the foods and products we consume, as well as take a closer look at the thoughts that rule our daily lives, the books we read, how we handle our emotions, what it means to truly be financially free, and much more.

I’ve been very blessed to have spent the last decade helping some of the most recognizable luxury brands and Fortune 500 companies create content to grow their audience, market their brand and build their business, and being a professionally published writer in more than 100 print magazine issues and 2 books, while also growing my startup client’s businesses to the 7- and 8-figure levels, and now my latest venture TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY. It’s been a wild, sleepless ride! The up’s and down’s have all contributed to my overall health and happiness. Yet, the most interesting part about my personal story is that despite the success and failures along the way, it’s the person who I grew to become, and the life I lead as a role model for others, is what will leave a mark on this world.

A well-rounded, fulfilled life encompasses all aspects of living in both our outer and inner worlds, and to us here at TERIMIYAHIRA, we believe that life can be easily thought of as these four major categories: BEAUTY, (WELL)BEING, BIG PICTURE, and BUSINESS.

BEAUTY: Outer beauty is important because it’s how we creatively and innately express ourselves and our personality, from makeup and hair, to fashion and accessories. Our confidence and self-esteem is very tied to how we feel about our outer beauty, and it’s directly linked to our inner beauty as well. And besides, makeup and clothes is just fun! We take it a step further by showcasing only natural and cruelty-free cosmetics, and sustainable fashion.

(WELL)BEING: Our nutrition, fitness and exercise, sleep, emotions, stress and anxiety all contribute to our overall well-being, and thus is directly linked to our happiness and fulfillment with our life. This is what we consider the “inner beauty”, which again goes hand-in-hand with our outer beauty, to shape our overall health and personality.

BIG PICTURE: What we accomplish in our life matters. What legacy we build and the contributions we make to the world are some of the thoughts we ponder at the end of our life. So it’s important that we think about the big picture (or “grand scheme” of life) on a daily basis, and set up our best self through the types of books we read to foster a positive mindset, to how we go about setting and attaining large life goals, to our daily productivity to keep pushing through inevitable challenges.

BUSINESS: Whether you own a business as an entrepreneur, or you’re employed inside a company as an “intrapreneur” where you work to move your organization’s mission forward, we want to help you “get down to business” so that you can create strides not just to increase profits, but to also make larger contributions to the world through your day-to-day work. Our careers take up so much of our time (40+ hours per week is a lot!), and creating a job you love is important to your overall happiness and wellbeing. Work is also a space where your inner accomplishments can shine, whether you make a six-figure salary or you work on a hobby blog, the most important mission is that we are continually working towards goals that are bigger than us.

We believe that if you add together these foundations of BEAUTY, (WELL)BEING, BIG PICTURE and BUSINESS, anyone can achieve a fulfilled and meaningful life.

We hope you enjoy TERIMIYAHIRA.COM!


Teri Miyahira

Managing Editor: Kate Myer
Visual Brand Manager: Karen Morrison
Marketing Assistant: My Dinh
Operations Coordinator: Cherice Fredricks
Partnerships Strategist: Jess McAlister

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