Audience Building: Traffic

Audience Building 101: How to Increase Traffic to Your Website or Blog

It’s a common misconception that businesses and bloggers should only be focused on creating. Creating their product, writing blog posts, photographing pretty pictures. While the creation process is extremely important for any type of brand building, the critical ingredient missing is oftentimes traffic.

Where are all these people going to come from so they can buy your products, read your blog posts, and look at your pretty pictures?

People (strangers online or offline) don’t just magically show up. It’s not a “we will build it and they will come” kind of process. Oftentimes, a new entrepreneur or blogger will create a product or write a post, and then launch it to crickets. And that product or post will sit unmoved because no one is looking at it.

And that’s where traffic comes in.

We can define traffic as either online or offline streams of people who are constantly seeing your brand. This includes people that find your posts on Instagram, to people who walk in front of your bakery on the street. It’s all considered “traffic.”

And the higher sales you want is in direct relation to how much traffic is seeing your brand. It’s the simple formula of:

Sales = Great Product + Traffic


Audience = Great Content + Traffic

Whether you want more hits to your blog or sales to your products, traffic is the #1 source of both. So how do we create more traffic for your website or blog? Here’s a few simple strategies:

An organic traffic strategy essentially means people stumbling upon you, without you having to buy advertisements. We currently rely 100% on organic traffic for TERIMIYAHIRA.COM and TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY. But in order to have a 100% organic traffic strategy, that means we are constantly posting to social media, YouTube, TERIMIYAHIRA.COM, and collaborating with other content creators. Running a lot of traffic through non-paid/organic means is a lot of work, but that means no up-front advertising costs.

Paid traffic simply means buying advertisements, either online or offline. This includes Facebook ads, Google AdWords, Instagram ads, print magazine ads, billboard ads, home mailer/fliers, etc. It’s paying for advertisements in order to get in front of people. In this strategy, you present yourself to people, versus in organic traffic where people have to actually find you themselves. If you have the cash, buying ads and running paid traffic will save you from creating a lot of content (social posts, blogs, YouTube videos, etc). This is why the really big brands don’t create content or have blogs, they only buy ads.

After experimenting heavily with paid traffic/buying ads last year, I can definitely say from experience that buying ads that are direct sales (as in buying a Facebook ad that clicks to a product to buy) does not work. I’ve seen more success with running ads to a piece of content (such as a blog post), with a sales offer built into the content itself or a call to action for the person to opt-in to a sales funnel of some sort which then offers a product for sale at a later date.

Simply put, people don’t want to buy from brands they don’t know. So content is the way for complete strangers to get to know your brand, and if they know/like/trust you, then they will eventually buy from you.

We currently run a lot of content for organic (non-paid) traffic only because I personally like providing a lot of value to our audience, in the form of social posts, YouTube videos or articles on TERIMIYAHIRA.COM. I tell my team that we are in the business of helping people, and that we’re not in the business of actually making money. We have the mindset that if we are able to provide a ton of unique value that helps people solve their pain points and problems, then sales and revenue will naturally come (which has proven itself over and over as our brand is in a rapid growth phase). We have a mindset of abundance (give abundantly to get abundantly), rather than scarcity (give little and get little). It’s a very different business model from the usual “make lots of money, fast” mentality, but I want our brand to be in the game for the long term and to be well-respected in the market.

However, if you want to build a business quickly and have a significant amount of cash (think $5k-$20k to spend), then paid ads is the best way to do so. But running ads to a content series like how I mentioned above, instead of running ads to a product page, will still yield the highest ROI.

It doesn’t matter which route you go, organic or paid traffic. All that matters is you are providing some sort of value in the form of editorial content that is helpful and useful to your target consumer, before pushing them to a Buy Now button. The businesses that are in the game for the long run are building audiences that will become repeat buyers, and that takes time and trust-building.

Audience Building: Traffic
Audience Building: Traffic

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