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Best 7 Pens You’ll Ever Use in Life

If you love stationary or writing, you know that having the right pen is pivotal to having a good day. Life’s too short to be using mediocre pens with poor ink flow with points as smooth as concrete. It may be too extra to be this into pens, after all, a pen is a pen. But, you will be amazed at how much more you want to write/doodle with the right pen. Gone should be the days of warming up a pen to get the ink flowing on your hand.

Here are some the highest quality yet supremely affordable pens that I’ve ever tried to date that will change your entire life. True story. Bring back the art of handwritten notes of last decade with these gorgeous writing utensils.


Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen


Fineliner Color Pen Set (10 colors)


Preppy Platinum Fountain Pen Set (Set of 7)


Stabilo Fine Point Pens (Set of 30)


Color Technik Glitter Gel Pens (Set of 30)


Lamy Fountain Pen


Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pens


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