Brand Spotlight: Era Organics

Brand Spotlight: Era Organics

We are so excited to bring you another Brand Spotlight with Era Organics. I discovered Era Organics in the darkest depths of skin despair back in 2014 during one defeated night of staring at my huge hormonal acne. I decided to purchase the cleanser and complete moisturizer on a whim. I can say that Era Organics changed my skin for the better and gave me back the confidence I desperately needed to face the grocers at Trader Joes and Target again.

Tyler has also become a great friend, always willing to answer any and all questions about skin care. Anytime anyone has a skin issue regarding dry skin, babies getting eczema or adult acne, I refer them to Era Organics without any hesitation. With his knowledge and passion for getting people’s skin healthy after trying to get his own skin healthy, he’s one of the most honest and caring brands I’ve ever had the honor of using my family’s skin.

If you are new to Era Organics, we invite you to get to know the brand and the creator. If you or your family has skin issues, we highly recommend you give Era Organics a try. It might be one of the best decisions of 2017 you’ll ever make for your skin.


What motivated you to create Era Organics?

Having grown up with severe acne (which I swore ruined my life when I was a teen), eczema, dry skin, oily skin and even shingles, I became interested in proper skin care at an early age. I was never able to to find anything that really worked. My own research taught me some important facts that aren’t often well known such as skin’s pH levels, nutrients for the skin, etc. So we teamed up with a very skilled chemist who has over twenty years experience to offer a unique spin on traditional skin care products and focus on quality ingredients the skin really loves.


You use a lot of natural and organic products and are one of the few companies that actually have a USDA ORGANIC emblem on your products. What are the top 3 important factors when it comes to sourcing your ingredients?

The first thing we care about is “does it work?” because we don’t want to use something if it just sounds good on paper. We mostly use organic, food grade ingredients. If it’s good enough to go in your body, it’s good enough to go on your skin. We also make sure it is proven in scientific studies as effective rather than just relying on assumptions. There’s quite a bit of science behind all of our products. We also focus on the most effective way to achieve the goals we want. Organic skin care can be a bit tricky because people are so used to a certain “feel” and “look” that isn’t possible with organic products. For instance, most lotions actually dry out your skin with alcohol and coat it with a petrolatum product to make it feel soft but are actually terrible for your skin. So in some cases, it isn’t possible to go fully USDA Certified Organic and get the results we are hoping for, but even if that’s the case, we use high-quality natural ingredients and even the most gentle preservatives we can find. Unfortunately, any water based product needs to have a preservative or alcohol, otherwise, it would be a cesspool of microbes. Some companies think they can not list preservatives because they are in the “raw” ingredients, but we feel that is unethical. We use organic cane sugar alcohol that actually has some benefits to the skin for certified organic formulas.


Out of all the products you’ve created, what are your top 3 favorites and why?

Oh man, that’s tough! I would have to say our Relief cream would have to be at the top because that was our first product to really change people’s lives. Nearly ever week we get emails from customers saying Relief helped with skin conditions they have had for years and no other product would help. One mother wrote in to tell us that her 11-year-old daughter had severe eczema across her legs and hadn’t had a full night’s sleep in 8 years. Doctors compared the skin damage to 3rd-degree burns and the next recommended treatment was chemotherapy! After one application, her daughter had a full night’s sleep and came running in early the next morning to show how good her legs looked. 4-5 days later the eczema was 70% gone and a month later is eczema free. After spending over $20,000 on failed treatments, we were able to help with a simple natural and organic product. After that, I would have to say our Honeybuns Healing Ointment which is USDA Certified Organic and made for babies. We had a lot of parents say they needed something for their infants and the healing ointment was the outcome. We have heard success stories of cradle cap being treated in one application, head to toe eczema gone in under a week and months of severe diaper rash gone in a matter of days. One father wrote it and thanked us for giving his 2-year-old daughter her life back since she no longer had to constantly live with the itch and pain of eczema. After that, I would say our Revive microdermabrasion scrub/mask. That one is pretty remarkable in the results it’s gotten as well. They aren’t as dramatic as severe eczema but is great to hear a mother can treat herself to a little spa time at home and get great results. A few women have even said they love their skin so much now, they stopped wearing makeup, and that’s after years of acne/dry skin/oily skin/dark circles, etc.


My personal favorite product is your Ph balanced cleanser. We are often led to believe we need squeaky clean skin when we are oily or acne-ridden to have clear skin. Can you speak to why this is severely false and why it’s so important to have products that are pH-balanced?

Yes! That is a dirty trick in the skin industry to get the squeaky clean feel on your face. For your skin to function properly, it actually needs a certain level of oils and nutrients. Overly oily and severely dry skin is often an issue with the skin’s pH levels. Our skin should be 5.5 pH but most cleansers are 7-10 pH. To put it in perspective, household bleach is 12 pH. The skin’s 5.5 pH is an acidic barrier and your body’s first line of defense against disease, infection, the environment, etc. Restoring the skin’s pH levels greatly boosts its ability to detoxify, heal and function properly. That’s why our moisturizers, cleansers, and hair products are perfectly balanced to the skin’s 5.5 pH.


You’ve branched out into a baby line this year that has been wildly successful among mommies and babies. What makes your baby line so unique compared to the other baby products out there in big box stores?

Well our organic baby line is actually certified organic and totally “honest”. We don’t have any hidden chemicals or useless fillers in the products. We use the highest quality organic ingredients we could find despite the costs. Our formulas cost us what some baby products cost to the customer but hey, chemicals are cheap! Organic ingredients are not. I was pretty alarmed to see what’s in some baby products including byproducts of gasoline production, ingredients found in antifreeze, etc. Some of them are scientifically proven to cause cancer, eczema, hormone disruption, etc. The idea of an infant having to deal with painful, itchy skin really got to me. Having gone through it myself, I could only imagine how hard it is for a baby who can’t do anything about it. On top of that, how difficult it would be for a parent to feel helpless with their child. We put a lot of research into organic combinations that are scientifically proven to get results.


Honey is one of the main ingredients in your product line, what made you choose honey as a primary substance and how does it make your skin healthy/better/glowing?

Manuka honey caught my eye a while ago when they found it was treating skin conditions previously thought to be incurable. It’s even been shown to treat flesh eating bacteria! Doing more research it was shown to draw moisture into the skin, detox impurities, boost healing, strengthen skin fibers, fight infection, protect against damaging free-radicals, etc. There were just so many benefits to one product, it was hard to ignore. Manuka Honey quickly became the background to a lot of our products.


As a man, your skin care regimen I am assuming is very simple. My husband basically let’s water from the shower fall over his face and he’s done. Never a zit, never a blemsih. What is your skin care regimen?

I used to have a very in-depth routine to try and treat my acne as a teen. Finally, I got so frustrated I just gave up. I stopped the multiple washes, toners, specialty creams, etc. Oddly enough, my skin cleared up in a matter of days (my first hint at the damage chemicals and improperly pH balanced products can do). After that, I just used a cream when it was dry out and ignored proper skin care, thinking I would never get old. Then, I started noticing little lines, my skin burned in the sun a bit more, etc. Now, my routine is pretty simple in just using our cleanser and Complete cream. The cool thing with Complete is, not only does it nourish and hydrate but also has anti-aging properties to it. We created the Revive microdermabrasion scrub after customer requests and never considered using a facial treatment myself but that formula turned out even better than expected so will use that 1-2 times a week. I’ll apply it to my face right when I get in the bathroom and let it sit while I prepare the shower and then gently scrub while I rinse it off. It’s super simple but gave my skin a big boost!


As a growing small business, what are 3 tips you’d give anyone trying to launch their own business in order to be successful?

1. Educate yourself as much as you can for one. I became incredibly informed with not just skin care but also all forms on online marketing. So I would say don’t go into it with a lax mindset. I wanted to be a true professional in whatever I did.

2. Don’t be too quick to pull out money. I actually didn’t pay myself for the first two years of the company because I wanted to grow as quickly as possible.

3. Do something you really believe in. My old job put food on the table but I really hated it. I’m very passionate about Era and feel that’s what got me to be able to work 14-16 hours a day, 7 days a week for years to build it up.


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