Brand Spotlight: Orenda Skincare

Brand Spotlight: Orenda Skincare

We are thrilled to be growing our brand spotlight series by introducing to you Orenda Skincare. The founders are two sisters, Jane and Renee, who are beautiful and passionate about their craft. They are full of heart and kindness that it’s impossible not to fall in love with them. Their products are cruelty-free, paraben free, sulfate free, NON GMO, gluten-free, free of artificial colors and fragrances, and free from chemicals. You can’t get any cleaner than Orenda.

Without further adieu, let’s get to know the talented beauties behind Orenda!

Photo Credit: @orendaskincare

What motivated you to create Orenda Skincare?

I’ve been told once or twice in life that my expectations are too high, lol. That being said, there were always things – big and small- that I wanted to be tweaked or changed with the products I was using. I was determined to create a line of products that combined my standards for purity, efficacy, and experience. Products that worked but also ones that I would love to use day in and day out.


Your cleanser, face serum, and eye concentrate is kind of like the perfect marriage. It’s basically all you will ever need for the best skin of your life. How did you come about focusing on these specific skin care products?

We value a clean and uncomplicated approach to skin care and consider the 3 inaugural products to be the foundation to any skin care routine. We will be launching additional products in the near future that will enhance the current line however, these three products cover the basics to achieve a healthy and bright complexion.


What do you feel makes you unique from other organic skin care brands out there?

We believe people can change and inspire the world when they look and feel their best. So, while we are in the business of creating and selling skin care products, our mission first and foremost has always been to create superior products that nurture and inspire women to realize their personal beauty potential.

That mission begins with treating our outward and inward health as a whole, keeping our skin care routine clean and uncomplicated, and reducing our exposure to those things that can in the long term, negatively affect our overall health and well-being.


Photo Credit: @orendaskincare

What is one product you would take with you on a deserted island?

Can have two?! I can’t live without a great eye serum and chap stick, the latter of which I am happily (perhaps horribly) addicted to.


What is the worst product you’ve ever tried? Be Honest. (lol)

Beauty in all forms inspires me. I love beautiful things. Things that look beautiful. Smell beautiful. Feel beautiful, and make me feel extra beautiful. I was given a cleanser made by well-known beauty brand and let’s just say, I felt like I was being punk’d! The texture and the smell made me feel like I was dipping my face in dirty pond water. I couldn’t do it and I want to know, who is buying that product?!


What is the best product you’ve ever tried that’s flying under the radar because of either its price or simply lack of marketing (i.e., best ever ninja product).

I have 2 GREAT ninja products:
1. Korean scrub mitts – Not to be confused with the exfoliating gloves available in drug stores! These can be purchased online or at a local Korean grocery store or even on Amazon. These mitts are magic if you want the smoothest skin and the closest shave. Added bonus, they’re like $3.

2. Gel Cicatrizante – I’m a huge hoarder when of this product! This healing gel is compounded in a sleepy town in Goias, Brazil called Abadianaia. When I travel to Abadiania, I stock pile at least year’s supply! It’s healing and soothing properties are quite miraculous on any type of skin irritation be it a pimple, bug bite, scrape, post-procedure healing—you name it.


Your sister is your partner in crime in life and also your business partner. Has it been amazing working with your sister?

Connecting with so many kind and talented people in this community (like you!) has been one of our favorite parts of starting this company. This adventure has been so fulfilling for us and there isn’t anyone else I would rather work alongside every day than her. Who better to share the ups and downs of starting a company than with your soulmate and sister?!

Photo Credit: @orendaskincare

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