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Brand Spotlight: You Skincare

We are so excited to do a brand spotlight with You Skincare. Amy is the creator behind this line that was born out of her struggles with acne. Through research, dedication, and motivation, she was able to create products that not only improved her skin but others who struggle with any skin issues.

Because Amy is a biologist, she took stringent measures to carefully research her product line and in part, that’s why it is so amazing. The other part of why this line is effective and beautifully made is because Amy is so warm-natured, passionate, and puts her heart into her work.

We invite you to visit with us and check out the interview that she did with us!


What motivated you to create You Skincare?

I had always been a product junkie and love trying new products so my love for skincare is nothing new. I had perfect skin before, never had to worry about skin problems but in 2015 I suffered a bad from a case of adult acne. It came out of nowhere. I tried a lot of products, spent so much money on products that I thought I would go bankrupt. When you have minor to no problems with your skin, you tend to see every product as wonderful and most if not all products will work for you. But, once you actually have acne, you will realize that not every product works. There are some products that helped, but it never fully kept my acne under control.

I thought to myself that if I spend that much money on a product it should work better! I wondered if the price tag I paid was more for marketing or the actual active ingredients. I don’t mind paying a high price for a product but it needs to deliver. Granted our skin is so unique and not every product will work for everyone, but I feel like it should work for the majority.

After this long, painful journey, I decided to create my own serum in hopes to cure my own acne. After seeing the results that myself, family and friends were getting, I knew that my serum could help someone else with the same skin issues or simple, someone who wanted to improve their skin’s overall health. Thus, this became my motivation to create the line and to make it available to everyone after seeing the positive results to everyone I tested it on.


I wondered if the price tag I paid was more for marketing or the actual active ingredients.


The Clarifying Serum is honestly one of the first acne treatments that can be applied daily without aggravating the skin. Can you tell us more about the love that went into this particular product?

This question made me smile! It was my hope that it wouldn’t aggravate the skin since I formulated it to nurture and heal the skin. I focused on the ingredients that had been shown to help heal the skin from different cultures, especially the ones that were used back in the days when we didn’t have modern medicine. I thought of it as “going back to nature”.

While I think there are many products with the same ingredients, what most people don’t realize is to question whether they contain the necessary percentage for the product to be effective. So, I made sure I designed the Clarifying Serum where I was sure that every ingredient worked together in synergy so that with consistent usage, the result would be the skin would heal itself and become stronger.


The Facial Oil compliments the efficacy of the Clarifying Serum so well. How did you determine which oils would work to balance out the acne clearing effects of the serum?

Formulating the oil actually took much longer than my serum because it took considerably more time to research and experimentation. Because each oil has a different composition, different percentage of fatty acids, different smell, and texture, finding the right balance and effectiveness took longer to find the perfect medium. Also, sourcing the best, most raw and potent oils takes time. My goal was to find the right balance and a combination of oils that wouldn’t irritate acne, absorb quickly, and supply hydration without feeling greasy.


How often do you change your skincare routine and do you get a little nervous when you change up a product?

Oh, I love changing up my routine! Once I know for sure that my skin doesn’t react to the products, it goes into rotation. I love experimenting and because I know how my skin reacts to certain ingredients, I don’t get nervous when changing my products. My advice would be to test your new skincare on your skin for at least 2-4 weeks on a consistent basis before deciding if it’s effective for you or not.

However, I do have my core products that I’m never without. I use my Clarifying Glow Serum every day even when I test new products because if I’m allergic to the new product, the serum helps lessen any adverse reaction. But, if there’s no reaction, then I feel the serum only helps to enhance the product’s effectiveness.


You have a wonderful skincare routine that is so carefully thought out. How do you seek out products to use given the sensitivities in your skin that you’ve experienced in the past?

Thank you! I normally just grab whatever I feel like that day! I used to be very scared to try new products but since my skin had healed, I feel very brave! It helps because I know what triggers my skin now and what to use if it starts to break out. I just love products in general, so I try pretty much anything with a few exceptions based on the ingredients list.

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