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Brand Spotlight: Maya Chia Beauty

We are so excited to kick off our Brand Spotlight series with Susanne Norwitz, creator and founder of Maya Chia. Harvard educated with a true heart of gold and passion for her craft, Susanne was gracious to take time from her busy schedule to sit down and chat with Kate about her incredible line of skin care. With so many brands promising to do so many things to your skin yet many times leaving us with no results and disappointed we got caught up in the hype. Maya Chia is far from hype and genius marketing. Maya Chia starts with […]

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Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Professional Facial Treatments

Facial treatments invoke relaxation: there is nothing better than decompressing in a soothing environment. If you are tired of masking at home, why not go to a spa to relax for ultimate pampering, and indulge in professional multi-tasking treatments? Pro treatments are generally pricey, so choosing services that treat multiple skin concerns is ideal to both save time and money. If you love getting the most out of professional spa services, here are the best bang for your buck treatments that target various skin concerns at once to leave you with your most radiant complexion yet. MICRODERMABRASION One of my […]

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Top Ways to Use Face Oils For Maximum Results

Scents and fragrances are incredibly powerful, and one of the best ways to bring an element of calm and serenity into your day. They evoke feelings and sensations that have the power to soothe your tired body and relax your racing mind. One of the simplest ways to incorporate scents and fragrances into your day is by the use of face oils in your skincare routine. I love using face oils as part of my skincare routine, but as much as that is a true statement now, there was once a time when you couldn’t get within a mile of […]


Clean Celeb Inspiration: Shay Mitchell

Before I get started, let’s talk about the perfection that is Shay Mitchell. She is one stunning woman! Her hair, her bone structure, her brows- everything! I love how Shay’s makeup artists do her makeup. It’s easy to recreate, which this non-makeup artist appreciates. I love fall makeup because we can get a little bit smoky, sultry, and celebrate darker berry lips again. The dark eyes mixed with the pop of color on the lips is so pretty and Fall-appropriate. Normally, you’re not “supposed” to wear dark eye makeup with a dark lip, but I wore white after Labor Day. […]

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Clean Recreation: Mermaid Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Halloween is creeping upon us, so start brainstorming now before you wind up without a costume like I have so many times before. I remember when we were kids, it was more about the candy. But, as we grow up, it becomes all about the most creative and fun costume. This year, I am planning early and decided to go with an intense green mermaid costume, a look inspired by the gorgeous YouTuber Melissa Alatorre. Here’s the look I recreated: Face Mixing together the Jane Iredale Glowtime BB Cream with Teri Miyahira Dew Drops in Calm highlighter helps give the […]

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How-To: Easy & Perfect All-Natural Smoky Eye

Ah, the first few weeks of Fall is the perfect time for an all-natural smokey eye. The time where I am not quite sure if I am ready to trade in my lemonade and sunshine for hot chocolate and long sleeves. But, then I think about fall smoky eyes and I become excited at the possibilities. Not only is fall weather the best for cozy clothes and candles, but the smoky eye options are endless. Bring on the crisp oranges, deep maroons and all of the black liner. Here’s some all-natural and cruelty-free makeup favorites that are going to get […]

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Cool Weather All-Natural Skincare For Mature Women

Cool weather skincare for mature women shouldn’t be a task, but a ritual. It’s October, the most glorious month for those of us who have had quite enough of the hazy, hot, and humid summer days. Right when we’ve settled on the perfect summer skin routine to battle the extra shine and sweat, our skin gets thrown into a loop trying to adjust to the sudden cold, dry, frigid days. Let’s turn our attention to the care and maintenance of the largest organ in our body, our skin, for the upcoming fall and winter months. Head to Toe Now is […]

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Guide to Au Naturale Cosmetics

Au Naturale was one of the first clean beauty brands I started using on my green beauty journey that continues to be one of my favorites. Their luxury cosmetics are all handcrafted in small batches. Not only are their products glamorous, but they are on a clean beauty revolution to provide safe products that are farm-to-face fresh and are also environmentally friendly. They have so many options for the green beauty enthusiast or those new to the green beauty world. Au Naturale is a complete range of organic beauty products ranging from lip products, cheek products, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, and […]

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Guide to Honest Beauty

When celebrities lend their faces to a beauty brand, it can sometimes be hard to imagine yourself as glamorous as Charlize Theron. To me, Honest Beauty is not one of the brands. As a division of The Honest Company that was co-founded by Jessica Alba, Honest Beauty celebrates such a diversity of beauty that strives to brings out your best. Through skincare and makeup, they maintain being committed to providing products that perform safely and beautifully. Honest Beauty products are made without any questionable ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde carriers, PEGs, MCI/MI, steareth-n, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, […]

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Top 7 All-Natural Makeup for Beginners

Ever feel like transitioning to green beauty is a daunting task, even downright overwhelming? From the sea of products promising you healthier skin, to not knowing how your skin will react to certain ingredients, and prices ranging from affordable to a pretty-penny, where does one even start? Throw in not knowing where to go, Target or an online store, it can feel nearly impossible. However, I want to remind you that beauty should be fun and it should be about what makes you feel beautiful. You don’t have to blow your inheritance but rather, a slow and easy transition is […]