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5 Ways to Master Your Emotions

We all know emotions are a powerful entity. We use it to express ourselves, convey our feelings, and even as an outlet to exude our personalities. Something about February gets us emotional, be it the inception of the whole lovey-dovey expectation of Valentines or because Target has had hearts and candy out since Jan 1st. It’s a beast that many of us feel like we’ve tamed but then we lose the leash. We equate our wellness with being able to understand and control our emotions yet we unleash our emotions in the worst way when times get trying. Blame hormones, […]

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Using Your Thoughts to Your Advantage: The Importance of Mindset

By now, you probably feel like we are trying to change you so much that you might not even recognize yourself. The idea of mindset will be the last topic regarding change but it will be something that can be built on for months to come. We can change what we drink, what we eat, what blush we use, and even what shoes we wear. Those are all pretty easy in the big realm of things and it simply takes some level of physical self-control. [Putting that piece of pie down right now.] But, when it comes to changing the […]

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Spending Less on Things & More on Experiences Makes You Happier

Before you keep reading, let us state that there is nothing absolutely wrong with engaging a little retail therapy for when you just need that new palette, shirt, lip balm, or shoes. We aren’t trying to make you live like monks here. Cutting through the righteous bird turd and talking about how we don’t need things to be happy is asinine. We are human and need the things because of the world we live in today. Holding something tangible in our hands just makes us happy. What we want to drive home here is that engaging in buying all the […]

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Pursue Meaning, Not Happiness

As we wrap up focusing on January’s theme of change, we want to touch base on happiness. We are all about finding happiness, keeping happiness, and even training our brains to be happier. If you’ve figured anything out by now, it’s that being happy is really hard to do. Waking up happy and staying pretty happy feels almost impossible if you are emotional or easily affected by life around you. It’s being human and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The crazy thing is that we’ve been going about this all wrong. Here’s the revelation: Pursuing happiness only makes us […]

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The Power of Writing Things Down

When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter, on nice stationary, until your hands cramped? We’re willing to bet not since 7th grade when you passed notes to your best friend between classes with the final sentence being “write back soon or else!”. Communication since the turn of the dial-up internet has been all about sending quick emails. Then, when cell phone providers started giving everyone free texts, it became about quick texts. Getting a call from someone these days feels more like a threat than a welcomed treat. If calling is almost extinct, then writing with a pen […]

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5 Hacks to Stop Wasting Time

So far this month, we’ve talked about making big changes such as: letting go of things in life that no longer bring you contentment, how to be happier and healthier, how to manage your money, and how to find balance in your life. These changes, if made properly, may help us all move forward in life in the best, most positive way possible. As we continue with this theme, we will discuss one of the biggest changes that challenge many of us year after year: how to stop wasting time. The more positive twist with the same idea is “how […]

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How To Identify & Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

Many of us have said our thank you’s, goodbyes (or good riddance), and let go of some things that happened in 2016 and are quickly embracing the promise of 2017. With a fresh, new year ahead of us, we all know there are things we need to let go of before we can forge ahead. In order to become unstuck in life, we have to learn how to let go. But, most of us are humans and letting go is a really hard thing to do. Letting go of both good and bad things is highly uncomfortable. It can be […]

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Why Goals Don’t Matter

Let’s get serious about our goals before 2017, but let us tell you that goals don’t matter. You read that correctly. Hang with us for a few minutes and you’ll see why. If you are really serious about setting goals, then you need to know it’s more than just a pretty Rifle Paper planner from Nordstrom, pretty pens, and having all of that look pretty for a picture. Goals are messy, they never go quite as planned, and can bring heartache before you get to taste the fruits of your labor. We’ve been told that achieving goals feels like an […]

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5 Natural Ways to Beat the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

If you live in a place where winter brings long, dark days, you may have experienced at one time or another Seasonal Affective Disorder or better known as the SAD’s. No amount of pumpkin spice lattes can help combat the dark, rainy, gloomy and dreary days where you don’t see the sun again until March. That’s 6 long months without any sun. And, without any distinction between 7am and 2pm, it can be a little painful. Because of lack of sunlight, people living around the Northern areas of the Americas experience something very real called Seasonal Affective Disorder. The non-medical […]

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5 Easiest Productivity Hacks for the Holidays

I’m obsessed with getting as much done as humanly possible. Every single day. Is anyone else as obsessed with productivity as I am? Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I’m a robot, and then I get tired or near burned out, and I remember that I’m a mere mortal human. And during certain times of the year, where the season is especially busy (like summer and holidays), getting as much done as I want becomes a real struggle. During the month of December, we are going on half-horsepower for #TeamTeri behind the scenes here, in anticipation for feeling extra tired […]