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How-To Support Your Spouse’s (Healthy) Addictions

Hi, thanks for clicking on the link. We’re going to talk about how to support your spouse’s (healthy) addictions. There are two types of people who will be reading this article, A) you are the spouse with a makeup addiction or B) your spouse forwarded you this article. If you are in the A group, please stop reading and forward it to your spouse in the B group. Hello, B group. Let me tell you why you are here. It’s actually quite easy, your spouse likes makeup a lot. I mean, it brings her so much joy that you’ll never […]

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5 Easy Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes

For some, the holiday season brings joy in the form of lights, decor, a fresh cut tree, a million kids and family running around under one roof. But, for us, it’s definitely the desserts. However, these incredibly healthy desserts below won’t have you feeling so guilty by the next day that you decide to do something drastic like a 7-day fast or run 52 miles in the snow. Who says healthy desserts have to taste like sandpaper or make you regret wasting stomach space on them? Check out these 5 easy, healthy holiday dessert recipes below.   Lemon Melt Away […]

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How to Handle the Holidays (from a Golden-Ager)

It’s December and it’s to time talk about how to handle the holidays from a golden-ager. Just when you’ve put that turkey platter away and folded down the extra chairs, it’s time to get back to square one. Shopping, prepping, cleaning, and making gorgeous dinners for your family for the upcoming Christmas season. But, are you still wiped out from Thanksgiving? I am, too, and that’s because we are the family glue, the “keepers of the flame”, and the do-it-all-women. If this sounds like you, then welcome to my tribe I like to call the “Sandwich Generation”, otherwise known as […]

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5 Hacks for Stress Management

We can never stress the importance of dealing with stress enough around here. It affects all aspects of our lives from our emotions, to our weight, to our hormones, and even our skin. Holidays are usually a trying time for most having to juggle more hours at work to have funds for gifts or dealing with all the family, even the ones you can’t even with. Here’s a round-up of some amazing, quick tips displayed in pretty infographics to help you get through any stressful situation.     65 Common Symptoms of Stress + 6 Natural Ways to Manage Stress […]

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5 Healthy Holiday Party Food Ideas

Holiday parties are so fun and holiday party foods can be fun, also. When else is it appropriate to wear sparkly dresses for an entire month? However, it can also be a little stressful if you are the hostess. Specifically, if you are the hostess and you have no idea what to serve your guests. Don’t fear, we’ve got you covered. These holiday party foods are sure to please! Vegan & Gluten-Free Cheese Board Seriously, who doesn’t love a cheese board? You can even make two, or separate a large board into two sections: vegan cheese and dairy cheeses. A […]

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5 Hacks for Good Sleep

Here is a round-up of the 5 best hacks for good sleep. Now that the sun is setting earlier and the nights are getting longer, some of us can put this darkness to use and get better sleep. Sleep can make or break your entire day. With prolonged periods of sleep deprivation, your health and soul may eventually also suffer. Getting good sleep doesn’t have to be too difficult but if you are suffering from insomnia or any other medical condition that affects your quality of sleep, please be sure to seek medical treatment immediately. Without further adieu, good sleep […]

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Top 3 Children’s Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is all about being thankful for all of the blessings in our lives! I’m delighted to share a few ideas to celebrate Thanksgiving with your kiddos! I wanted to choose activities that included materials you might already have on hand, because let’s be real- ain’t nobody got time to be running to the craft store around the holidays. Gratitude Tree Materials needed: Small tree branches Vase Ribbon, fishing wire or yarn (whatever you have) Small pieces of paper Hole punch Optional- rocks, sand or corn kernels to fill the vase This one is super simple! Sit with your child […]

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Beyond Turkey: 5 Healthy Thanksgiving Dish Ideas

While the turkey may be the centerpiece of many American Thanksgiving meals, the sides are usually my favorite part! I’m hosting Thanksgiving for the third year in a row, and have found a few crowd-pleasing, healthier versions of classic side dishes. You don’t need too much time or really any skill in the kitchen, either!   Almond Butter Stuffed Dates If your family is anything like mine, there needs to be something to nosh on pre-meal. These are so stinkin’ easy and the perfect blend of sweet and savory. They’re also bite-sized, so you don’t need to worry about serving […]

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DIY Pottery Barn Knock Offs

How many of you love Pottery Barn, but cringe sometimes at the prices? Have no fear, we at TERIMIYAHIRA.COM have found you the best DIY Pottery Barn knock-offs round-up articles in all the land. One of our favorite DIY projects are signs for the home. Whether it be wooden signs like “Dream” or hanging wall art of cute puppies and flowers, once you find the time and get the hang of the process, it’s quite easy and fun. It adds character and flair to the home without having to make a deep investment towards making a hole in the wall […]

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Top Ways to Use Face Oils For Maximum Results

Scents and fragrances are incredibly powerful, and one of the best ways to bring an element of calm and serenity into your day. They evoke feelings and sensations that have the power to soothe your tired body and relax your racing mind. One of the simplest ways to incorporate scents and fragrances into your day is by the use of face oils in your skincare routine. I love using face oils as part of my skincare routine, but as much as that is a true statement now, there was once a time when you couldn’t get within a mile of […]