DIY Haircut How-To

DIY Haircut Tutorial


WARNING: This video may contain very cringe-worthy scenes of live hair cutting. If you are a hair stylist or beauty professional, sorry!

This was a much-requested video for a DIY haircutting tutorial, since I’ve been cutting my hair by myself, in my bathroom, for the last 8 months. It’s a super-simple straight across cut, no layers, no bangs, no asymmetrical angular shaping complicated-ness. Just. Straight. Across.

Some common questions:

Q: Do you get split ends when you cut your hair yourself?
A: I haven’t experienced split ends but you have to make sure your scissors are sharp so that the cut is clean.

Q: How short can you cut your hair using this method?
A: I wouldn’t go any shorter than the middle of my neck (like in the video), because any shorter than this and you’ll need someone to help you shape the back of your head. This is a DIY method more suited for medium and long hair lengths.

Q: What hair type is a DIY cut best suited for (wavy, curly or straight)?
A: I think anything but straight hair can easily pull off a DIY haircut, because it’s very easy to see imperfections if the hair is straightened. If the hair is curly or wavy, there’s more visual room for error because wavy/curly hair has natural movement already.

As I always think to myself right before I do a DIY cut: Hair grows!

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