Easy 5-Minute Self-Care Practices

Easy 5-Minute Self-Care Practices

Self-care should be a part of your daily lives, whether it’s 5 minutes in the morning or before bedtime. It’s your time to recharge and regroup. Some of us feel pretty guilty for taking time out for ourselves to sit in a bath until our fingers get wrinkly. This happens only because it seems like others are self-caring all day, every day and you wonder what bad life choices you’ve made not to deserve such a care-free lifestyle.

The first thing to do is to quit comparing what you do with your time to what someone else does with their time. You also shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a “mental health day” where you possibly play sick from work and go for a nice, long hike. If you absolutely don’t have the time, here is a round-up of some of the best self-care lists out there.

Let’s take a look!

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20 Self-Care Practices

A recurring theme you will see amongst all self-care practices is to unplug. Not just 5 minutes, but a good few days and weeks if need be. You’ll find yourself feeling recharged and so much happier.


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11 Simple Ways

One of our favorite self-care practices here is to stop waiting for someone to bring you flowers. Buy some plants, make it a point to care for them, and soon you’ll find this way more rewarding than having someone send flowers to you. True story.


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15 Ways to Improve Your Mood

If you’re easily affected by everything, your mood will probably feel like it’s not your own. One thing you can do is see a doctor to get your yearly physical. It may be that something is out of alignment and can be remedied to get you back on track.


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134 Activities to Add to Your Self-Care Plan

Seriously, 134 ideas right here, so chances are you will find at least one that strikes a chord with you.


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7 Self-Care Rituals to Do Now

Best advice ever is spending time with animals if you are feeling stressed out dealing with humans because when was the last time a furry animal ever made you feel bad? Like, never.

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