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Easy Closet Cleaning Hacks

I’ve been trying to do the closet cleaning for centuries. There are the sentimental items in that closet and the items that I still have hope to fit into. When the reality is that I only wear the same 6 things every day. I know my friends have a carefully curated closet that’s very minimal with strategically purchased items. That’s a lifetime goal to eventually have that, too. Anyone else? Closets aren’t limited to just where your clothes are and maybe people use their closets to store other things like shoes, linens, and even makeup. Seriously, a closet full of makeup? Can I have your closet?!

Here are some of the best tricks and hacks for helping all of us finally get that closet super organized.


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7 Questions to Ask Yourself

This is a great little way to start mentally cleaning out your closet. Ask yourself these questions and then you can determine if you can toss that item out (or donate it)!


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Cleaning Closet Hacks

A cute little visual to help you see how you can get things organized!


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Organizing your Supplies Closet

If you have a storage area called the closet or pantry or the “room where I throw all my crap”, this would be a great guide to show you how to get it all organized!


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Organizing the Linen Closet

Fluffy, clean, matching towels and laundered linens that are all organized and smelling fresh is a dream that all moms have.

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