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Easy Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Easy cleaning kitchen hacks exist, thank you Pinterest. A kitchen is where life flourishes, blooms, bonds are made, laughter echoes through the home, and where bellies are happy. The kitchen should be a sanctuary but also a place of functionality. Of course, in order for a place to function well, especially a kitchen, it needs to be clean. But, how many of us have time to get everything sparkling and all the grease stains off our cabinets? Kitchen cleaning probably doesn’t rank very high up there as a life fulfilling hobby. Turning on the oven to the self-cleaning mode feels like you’re trying to burn your house down on purpose.

Here are the easiest hacks we’ve found across the internet web that should make cleaning a breeze, inexpensive, and actually effective. If you end up trying any of these out, please let us know which ones are your favorites! Have fun and good luck!


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How to Clean Your Greasy Cabinets

Pretty sure this has to be as easy as dealing with greasy hair.


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Make Old Cookie Sheets Look Like New Again

Who even knew this was possible? Don’t tell my husband that this is a thing because I just end up buying new shiny ones when mine have been charred beyond recognition.


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How to Clean Your Dishwasher in 3 Easy Steps

This lady here must have a house that shines so bright that astronauts can see her from outer space. #badjokefridays


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Seriously, is there anything Buzzfeed can’t teach us??


Graphs to Show You How to Clean Your Kitchen

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The mother of all graphs to show you the mother of all shortcuts to clean your house like the mother of the year.


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Bonus: More Graphs to Make you Look like Pro at Cleaning #lifgoals

For those of you who really, really love graphs. *raises hand*

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