Free Printable: Christmas Savings Plan

Free Printable: Christmas Savings Plan

Since half the year is almost over, this means we need to start saving up for Christmas now. We’ve created an amazing and simple 28-week Christmas Savings Plan worksheet for you. Christmas will get here quicker than you can get a tan and before you know it, you might feel sweaty about not having a budget in place for all your loved ones’ presents.

The key to saving is to start where you are comfortable and be as consistent as possible. If it’s $10 a week, $20 a week, or $30 a week, the amount is up to you. And, since it’s a weekly amount if you try to save $10 a week, that comes down out to $1.43 per day. Don’t make us say it, but that’s definitely less than a cup of coffee a day.

Click below for your free Christmas Savings Plan printable!

christmas-savings 10 20 x

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