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Guide to Brow Care

Many of you have heard that your eyebrows frame your face and that is absolutely true. Not only can well-groomed brows wake up a tired face, they can also be the feature everyone will be fawning over. A pair of naturally shaped brows is all the rave now. Remember, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins, thus it’s about time we move on from the “Insta-brows”. While there are so many brow tips & hacks on the web, here are the ones you should really be following.


Don’t Over Pluck

Ladies, the 90s are long gone, and we aren’t after the supermodel thin Kate Moss brows. If you’re one of the lucky ones whose brows have recovered nicely after plucking them into oblivion, I urge you not to make the same mistake twice. Paper thin brows make you look older and less approachable. Even if you actually hate people, it’s ok to look friendly. Opt for keeping your natural growth and only cleaning up the strays, you know, the ones that grow on the side of your head. Thicker brows are more youthful and you’ll actually spend less time maintaining them. Maintain your brows by plucking only what needs to be removed, only pluck in natural lighting and don’t over analyze the shape remember your brows should be sisters, not identical twins.



Believe it or not, oils can be an amazing addition to your brow routine. If you use the oil cleansing method then your brows are already receiving a nice dose of oils. But, you can always apply some oil on your brows as an overnight treatment. A clean spoolie brush helps with the application. Some great oils you might want to try as they might help to stimulate hair growth are: castor oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, and even olive oil.

Maintain your brows by plucking only what needs to be removed, only pluck in natural lighting and don’t over analyze the shape remember your brows should be sisters, not identical twins.



There are many tools for brow shaping but all you need is a pair of good tweezers, nose trimming scissors, a face & eyebrow razor can also be good tools to have handy. You need to determine how much grooming your brows will need before you take the jump. Sometimes, tweezers are all you will really need and again, do not over pluck.

The scissors are great to cut the longer hairs. To use scissors the right way, brush your brow hairs upwards with a spoolie before cutting this way you can see exactly where to cut. Cut sparingly where the hairs stick up past your natural upper brow line.

If you have unruly brows, then razors are great to quickly shape the upper arch of your brows but be careful not to cut yourself or cut a big piece your brow off. I recommend watching a few tutorials before venturing onto this technique. Always go for a natural shape when shaping your brows again remember not to over pluck.

A great general rule is if you are unsure of what to do what that one brow hair, then leave it. In the grand scheme of your entire face, one hair will not make or break the look. It’s better to leave it than to have to draw it in later.


Add a Bit of Color

Not all of us have naturally thick brows but don’t fret, that’s why we have brow makeup. Finding a great brow product can be a challenge but not impossible. We have lots of options like creams, pencils, powders or gels. All you all need to do is find what works best for you. Pencils are quick and easy but can be harder to use for beginners as you will need to learn how to do light, gentle strokes. Thus, for beginners, we recommend a brow powder so you can learn to fill in your brows slowly and naturally. Gels and creams are honestly for the pros because they know where to place the product and how much of the product needs to go on what parts of the brow.

Nowadays we have options like eyebrow tinting which is similar to coloring the hair on your head and micro blading which is a tattoo technique that gives you natural thicker looking brows. Brow extensions are also becoming a trend. Whatever technique you choose, we strongly recommend that they come out looking at natural as possible especially if your everyday look leans towards natural.

The tip to filling in your brows besides a good brow product is a light hand and a nice fade. Instead of a solid shade all over the brow go for a lighter application on the inner corner and get darker at the tail. A spoolie is a great tool to brush out any excess brow product if you go overboard.

Whatever you do, try not to treat your brow coloring products like a sharpie pen. Unless you are going with a dramatic theatrical look, every day brows should not be like checkmarks.


Choosing the Right Shade

Finding the right shade to fill in your brows is also important. Try going for a shade that goes well with your hair color, not an exact match. The general rule is that if you are blonde, go one shade darker. If you are a brunette or have dark black hair, go a shade lighter. If you have red hair, you get to have all the fun and can match your hair color or try for a reddish-brown shade.


Do Your Brows Last

Save your brows for last after doing the rest of your makeup. The reason for this is if you do your brows first then apply foundation, you might inadvertently cover your brows with the foundation and will have to do that all over again anyway.

This is where you get to be creative and find out how fun it is to customize your brows to the look you’re trying to achieve, for a dark smokey eye look, go for a bit bolder brow so that your brows don’t get lost among the dark shadows. With a natural eye look, go for a complimentary natural brow.

Furthermore, you can play with your brow shape. The trend used to be high arches and even straight brows like you’d see in many K-Pop singers. The current trend is to simply follow your natural arch which is my favorite because that’s the easiest thing to do. You were born with beautiful brows, so might as well accentuate that rather than trying to get that arch or straight brow that you might not naturally have. If you’ve got an awesome natural arch and full brows, then flaunt those babies.


Hopefully, these simple tips help you achieve beautiful, youthful, and healthy natural brows. Let us know what your favorite brow tips are.


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  1. Eli darling. Hell yah to good brows. I wish I hadn’t plucked the hell out of them but, what’s done is done. At my age they are almost entirely white Not a good look on a dark brunette. Lol I use powder then wax of gel No matter what, these ghost brows are covered. Big red To you. Linds

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