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Guide To Green: Target Home & Family Shopping

The happiest place on earth is actually Target. Thanks to its ever-growing selection of all-natural products, transitioning into a cleaner home and family products has never been easier. You may be familiar with a few of these items below while slowly perusing every single aisle meticulously on a “quick trip”. Let’s see if there’s something new you might need. #targetdoesitagain

Honest Beauty

Honestly, Honest Beauty has you covered for all your home care, baby care, and personal care needs. From detergent to dishwashing liquid, to diapers to rash cream, to hair care, and even deodorant. Created with all natural and safer ingredients, Honest Beauty is cruelty-free and strives to provide healthier products. A favorite is the Conditioning Detangler & Fortifying Spray that smells wonderful, leaves your hair soft and manageable, and safe for you and your entire family.

Natural Value Loving Pet Products Treat Sticks

Many pet owners are now more vigilant about the pet food and snacks they give their furbabies. After many beloved pets falling ill or succumbing to food made in China, many furparents are keen on making sure their pets are fed the most natural food available. Furthermore, making sure that snacks and food are made in either the USA or Canada has become a top priority. Target provides several all-natural pet food options such as Natural Value Loving Pet Products and they even have a dedicated freezer for organic pet food.

Scratch & Grain All Natural Gluten-Free Brownie Kit

Brownies are life’s greatest guilty pleasure. But, we don’t have to feel that guilty anymore as Scratch & Grain provides us with an all-natural and gluten-free brownie mix that everyone can enjoy. A Betty fan? Give this a whirl, you might not even know the difference.

Threshold Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Organic Bed Sheets at Target are fit for kings and queens. They are affordable, luxurious, and will have you looking forward to a good night’s rest. With an array of patterns or perfect simplicity, these sheets will have you wanting to convert all the bedding in your home to these organic options.

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

Orgain is one of the best “clean” protein brands on the market today. Long gone are the days of gritty, horrible tasting protein powders. Orgain’s Organic plant-based powders are absolutely delicious, dissolves with your beverage of choice seamlessly, and will not leave any strange aftertaste. Also check out Orgain’s pre-made protein shakes, great for when you’re rushing in the morning but need to grab-and-go the breakfast. A perfect way to start the morning for the on-the-go-family or replenish after an intense workout.

Plum Organics

Target loves babies and does a great job to provide the best selection of all-natural products for the little ones. Plum Organics is a mommy’s favorite as they are organic, all-natural, and full of essential vitamins needed to help grow a healthy baby. There is something for every stage, from babies taking their first taste of solid food to the toddler who can feed themselves finger foods.

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