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Guide to Natural Oral Healthcare

Oral healthcare is an essential part of everyone’s daily life, but have you ever stopped to think about the ingredients in your toothpaste or how environmentally friendly your toothbrush is? If not, you aren’t alone. Purchasing conventional oral care may seem like the only option, but there is a world of natural brands out there that are making products with safer ingredients, that are effective, and won’t have any adverse effects on your health. Fluoride free? No jazzy blue stripe down the middle? Not to worry. I promise you won’t miss a thing about your old dental care products with these amazing natural options that are safe for the entire family.


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Let’s start with those toothbrushes

Most of us have grown up using plastic toothbrushes. They are easy to find, inexpensive, and most dentists even hand out a free one after every check-up. Plastic toothbrushes are far from being the best option, and certainly not the most environmentally friendly one. Nearly five-billion plastic toothbrushes make their way into landfills and oceans every year, meaning probably every toothbrush you have ever used and thrown away in your life still exists!

When you’re ready to make the change, my absolute favorite eco-friendly toothbrush option is the MABLE brush. It is the new staple in our household. It is made of sustainably harvested bamboo, which is naturally antibacterial, water resistant and completely biodegradable. And, if that isn’t impressive enough, it also contains BPA-free nylon bristles (which you can pull out and recycle) and a self-standing base that is painted with plant-based paint, which is also biodegradable. The bristles are soft, it is comfortable to use, and a total winner in my book.

If you are looking for a more eco-friendly children’s toothbrush, my family loves the Jack N’ Jill brand. Not only do they offer safe toothpaste options for your sweet kiddos, they also have adorable compostable and biodegradable toothbrushes. Made with an easy to hold handle crafted from 100% Non-GMO cornstarch, you can break off the toothbrush head, recycle the nylon bristles, and toss the rest of the brush in your compost.


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A natural toothpaste that actually works AND freshens breath

No fluoride? No fresh breath strips? How will my teeth ever be clean?! Using a natural toothpaste for the first time may leave some scratching their head thinking that there is no way this is going to work. But, let me introduce you to what will work: David’s Natural Toothpaste. It is my new dental care obsession and must have. Ever since my family has started using this brand, we cannot bring ourselves to use anything else.

David’s premium toothpaste is made with high quality, 98% USA origin ingredients that are safe and effective. Instead of using harsh ingredients like most mainstream brands, David’s uses ingredients such as calcium carbonate and baking soda to help prevent plaque buildup, remove surface stains and whiten teeth naturally. And the best part, it actually leaves your breath feeling fresh, which is something I have not found with many other natural toothpaste. The secret? They use a custom blend of USA produced mint oils from various regions around the country to create the absolute freshest, feel free to stand super close to people, feeling in your mouth. They also come in the most amazing retro mint green metal tubes, which are 100% recyclable. I highly recommend giving it a try, you will not regret it.

Need a kid-friendly, safe if swallowed toothpaste for your little one? My toddler is absolutely in love with the Dr. Brite’s Strawberry flavored mineral toothpaste. It contains mostly organic ingredients and is naturally flavored with organic strawberry extract. This toothpaste has made it a breeze to get my daughter excited about brushing her teeth. They also have a kid’s strawberry mouthwash, which you can spray into your child’s mouth making it super easy and a fun way to end their teeth-brushing routine.


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A mouthwash that doesn’t burn your mouth

If you have struggled to find a natural mouthwash that compares to its conventional counterparts, look no further than the Cleansing Mouthwash by Dr. Brite. This super minty, alcohol-free formula has me swishing and gargling day and night. It is completely vegan, EWG verified, and all natural. With amazing ingredients such as organic aloe vera juice, organic coconut oil, activated charcoal and organic spearmint essential oil, it will help to detox your mouth and get rid of bad breath pronto! It is a staple in my cabinet. I buy the largest 16 oz bottles in bulk. Stinky breath be gone.


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