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Harnessing Your Emotions for Good

Emotions are a confusing, yet apparent force in our lives.

We can ignore them for what they are as they expand and grow. Or we can face them, embrace them and let them be. It really is our choice.

Our inner soul is linked to our conscious mind via emotional outpouring: happiness, sadness, disappointment, infuriation, or loneliness. They are all an unavoidable journey that will fester deep within until one of two things happen. We either embrace it, feeling all that it has to offer, then set it free. Or we suppress it and avoid, ultimately allowing it to alter our inner dialogue and belief system. This causes us to become a little bit more bitter, slightly more scarred and embedded with “emotional baggage” that carries into new relationships and environments.

The amazing part about emotions is that we have the freedom and ability to choose what we want to do with them. What we end up choosing to do with our emotions allows us to honour the situation and ourselves.

For instance, think back to a time where you felt extreme sadness, may it be the loss of a loved one or life-altering change that caused heartache. In the moment that you chose happiness, you did so because you knew that, ultimately, beyond the horrific emotion was an opportunity to start from a learned place. A wiser platform to place your soul.

What happens when we harness our emotions for good:

1. We actually feel good feelings. When we build walls around our emotions and refuse to feel anything, we may very well miss out on the best feelings life has to offer. When we learn to “feel” everything, we also invite so much elation, so much gratitude, and good fortune into our space. This level of joy can overcome negative emotions and even help us feel motivated to tackle even the most far-fetched dreams.

2. We grow more than we ever thought we could. When we allow ourselves to explore our interior soul and being with an open mind and heart, we expand ourselves to more greatness. This greatness thus heals the victim within us and it ceases to dominate our life.

3. We learn to be brave within ourselves. Harnessing one’s emotions is about being fearless, in letting them exist in your life as they are with no suppression, no analysis, no cocooning or defining. It’s simply just being one with your emotions, comfortably or uncomfortably, while it teaches you your lesson.

4. We learn to love ourselves. When we care for ourselves this way, we learn. We learn to self-love, to self-appreciate, to value our opinions and emotions. We learn to read our hearts and identify our mind and soul. When we open ourselves up to our emotions and learn to harness them in a positive way, the more we practice this, the easier it gets. We just have to be mindful.

Remember that all you need to do is be the real version of you, by staying centered and calm. So that in the end, you can remain you, all of you, authentically.

Photo credit: @interiormilk
Photo credit: @interiormilk


  1. So simple and so true, love everything from Brigid! I didn’t know she was an Osteopath! Amazing!

  2. My soul sister!!! Well said my Darling

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