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How to be a #GirlBoss

In honor of Women’s Day, we are going to talk about how to become a girl boss. Any woman can be a girl boss. It’s that woman who is juggling a bunch of things in life like putting out fires, keeping things alive, managing a home, juggling work and home, or battling their demons yet still getting out of bed each and every day is certifiably a girl boss in their own right.

Women’s Day and being a #girlboss isn’t about who’s better, who makes more money, who’s skinnier, who has the cleanest home, whose children are more perfect, who has the hunkiest-romantic-obedient-mind reading boyfriend/husband, who’s more zen, or who appears to be the most perfect on social media. If we are to truly lift one another up, then let’s do it today and applaud each other for everything we’ve accomplished. Applaud one another for what we are trying to do and for what we want to become. Applaud one another fully without all those other icky feelings in between.

Obviously, I am not a girl boss, but I work very closely with one. So, either this will highlight the ways she goes about being a #girlboss or this will sound like I am worshipping. Hey, at least it’s not devil worshipping. If I am allowed to say a few words about Teri, it’s that she is driven and she keeps everyone around her driven. She sees the silver lining and doesn’t let things get her down. She is a no-excuse kind of #girlboss and won’t let you settle for living a life full of excuses, either. With Teri, you are always making progress in some way and pity parties are replaced with motivation. She runs her ship on full command but it’s planted with hydrangeas, there’s lemon water, and fresh coffee brewing with a side of pie. She is our superior, after all, this is her life’s dream, but she lacks the air of superiority. There is reciprocated respect and love all around, and this is why it’s been amazing to have her our #girlboss.

That said, some of you out there might want to be a #girlboss one day but are afraid of some of the stigma or backlash of being in command of your life. The double standards of knowing what you want, knowing how to get it, and standing firm in your beliefs can be seen as being a b*tch. Don’t fret dear friends, check out what some of the most successful and likable #girlbosses have to say about becoming your own #girlboss.

P.S. Teri’s tips are below!!


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Teri here! I’m actually quite shocked that #TeamTeri thinks of me in this way (very flattered too!), however, I frankly never feel like I have it together. There are a few key actions I do on a daily basis to help set up my days for success, which I think can help anyone looking to start or strengthen their inner #girlboss.

Know what you want from life (and what you don’t)
We tend to have standards for various parts of life (significant other characteristics, what our diet consists of, etc), yet most of us fall short on knowing what we want from life itself. Knowing what you want your life to be like, as well as knowing what you don’t want it to be like, helps frame your decision making.

For example, I know that I want to build my business, therefore I will not make a decision such as taking a year off to travel. Traveling sounds nice, but the business is my current priority, so the traveling is on hold in the short-term. On the flip side, I do NOT want to feel overwhelmed 24/7, so I made the conscious decision to do some deep prioritizing of my daily to-do list and chop my list in half. Since I know what I currently want (and don’t want) my life to be like, it’s much easier to shape my current reality to these particular confines.

And I want to make it clear that in order to add to your life, sometimes you have to subtract what doesn’t serve you in order to create the white space necessary to allow the good to come in. For me, that’s subtracting toxic people who intentionally try to bring me down or discourage me from living my passions, and I have no problem of deleting those people so that it creates the breathing room to let the good to come in.

Stop making excuses
Excuses, either big or small, is what hinders progress. Do you want to start working out every day, but you tell yourself that you don’t have enough time to fit it in? The perceived time constraint is simply an excuse. Do you want to learn how to cook vegan dishes, but you say that you don’t have enough budget to buy these new foods? Also, an excuse because a quick Google search will reveal inexpensive vegan recipes. If you want to progress and move your life forward in the direction of your choosing (versus being a victim to the whims of the world), practicing to identify these excuses (or “self-limiting beliefs”) is the toughest hurdle to overcome, but it’s what will get you into action faster.

Prioritize like a pro
This goes along with knowing what you want from life. As the saying goes, “we can do anything, but not everything.” Prioritization is key if you want to master or excel in any area of life. It can be tempting to do everything you want to do, right now. But that’s just overwhelming and spreading yourself too thin to create any depth of mastery or true success. I want to do many things like traveling the world, build more businesses, open a dog rescue, start a foundation, write a book, take cooking classes, read a book a week, and a lot more. But I have to prioritize what I’m truly passionate about in the moment and conquer those first, versus trying to do all of those literally today. We are going for depth versus simply skimming the surface.

Cackle daily
“Cackling” is our word for laughter. Because when life just throws you a loop during a really bad Mercury Retrograde, you need to laugh at something to help brighten your mood. Conquering the world is a tough job for a #girlboss, and it can sometimes feel heavy and overwhelming. So a good laugh (whether it be a funny YouTube video or a random GIF), especially when sharing the cackling with someone else, can help keep you motivated to finish the day strong.

Be helpful, always
A motto we have here at #TeamTeri is that we are always helpful, whether it be to you reading this, to our customers, or to our colleagues. Being helpful is a true sign that you care and actually give a sh*t, which is particularly rare in the world we live in. So whether it’s creating free articles and videos with helpful information, helping a family member when they are sick, helping our customers with an issue, helping other people on our team. And it’s being helpful for help’s sake, without expectation for anything in return, because giving to others and extending your humanity outside of yourself, in turn, creates a fulfilled and purposeful life. And isn’t that what we’re all trying to achieve?

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