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How to Get Anything You Want (In Life and Business)

Yikes, it’s so hype-y to say, but there’s really a strategy to get anything you want in life and business.

It’s often an overlooked part of our day, yet it’s always the small things that get us, right?

You just have to work long and hard for whatever you want. Period.

There’s no magic bullet or secret sauce for achieving any goal. Olympians train for 6 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, for 10 years (or longer) before trying for the Olympic games. CEO’s work 7-days a week for 30 years. If I want to have nice hair all the time, I have to put the work into washing and styling it.

Everything in life requires you putting in the work:

Do you want a clean house? Get to work and clean it every day.

Do you want to look well-put together every day? Stop wearing sweatpants and get to work styling outfits to wear.

Do you want to start your own business in order to get out of your day job? Get to work at 4am every morning on your side hustle before you go to your day job.

Do you want to start a blog for fun? Yep, get to work and start building the backend of the site.

Do you want more subscribers to your email newsletter? Get to work creating lead magnets, blog posts, opt-in funnels, social ads and set up your CRM with a drip sequence.

“Work” is such a simple concept because our culture talks about it all the time, yet when it’s time for us to take action in order to achieve our goals, we suddenly forget that we have to work long and hard for anything we want.

And I didn’t forget about the “long” part of that equation. It’s not about working for a week and assume we can make a $1M company. Achieving any goal, whether it be to get in shape, build a relationship, or make a $1M company, takes consistent work and effort on a long-term basis. Again, there are strategies to help automate and accelerate us forward towards our goals, but at the end of the day, we still have to put in the work, otherwise the tasks simply don’t get done on a daily basis.

The easiest way to make sure that you are consistently working on your goals every day (because it takes daily action to add up to the end result), is to create daily habits.

I’ve talked about a daily habit tracker chart in a previous blog post. The reason why I created a habit tracker chart in the first place was because I wanted specific goals to be met, so I had to work towards my goals on a consistent daily basis until the goals came true.

For example, one of my goals was to meditate every day, so the habit tracker was tracking the days that I was meditating.

Another goal was to read every day (something I still struggle with). Even though I haven’t reached that goal yet, my habit tracker is reminding me on a daily basis that I should be reading because it’s part of my goal.

Creating a “one thing” priority task that I talked about in a previous blog post is also another strategy to complete an important task every day that will push me closer to my end goal.
Consistent work always wins. The question then remains is how long will you have to work in order for your desired goal to be met.

It can take a YouTuber 5 years of posting weekly videos to get to the subscriber level of another YouTuber who posted weekly videos for only 1 year. Same goal, different strategies. The YouTuber who only posted weekly videos for 1 year may have also been doing marketing outside of YouTube to get their channel in front of people on Facebook and Instagram.

This is why strategy and forward planning is so important when you are working towards any goal, whether you want to become a YouTube star or you want to lose weight. Not having strategies and plans in place to get to your goal is like wandering into a forest without a map: You may be taking action but it might not lead you to where you want to go. And this is the case for most people when it comes to life and business, they are “firing” without “taking aim” first.

So if you’re sitting at your desk one day, wishing your life was different, think to yourself, “What can I work on today that will lead to a different tomorrow?” Because it’s what actions we complete today that will shape our future tomorrow.

Photo Credit:@amanda100lc of @100_layercake

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