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How To Get Rid of Things That Annoy You

March is all about renewal. What better way to renew than to get rid of things that annoy you so you can live the month with a fresh perspective and a sense of energetic peace? When you are constantly irked by something or someone in your life, it’s not good for your health. It creates stress, mental strain, unnecessary anxiety, digestive problems, and an overall sense of ill well-being. It even shows in your skin, your hair, and is even exuded in your aura.

We are all about positive auras, bright lights, energetic energy, good vibes, and a sense of contentment. But, many times, we are silently suffering from this inner turmoil of feeling annoyed because we are too afraid to speak up, set boundaries, or simply cut things off. We talked about eternal optimists the other day and how they manage to never be too bothered by things in life.

We want all of you to be happy, bouncy, full of joy, and energy this month. So, let’s figure out how to get rid of things that annoy us so we can free our minds and soul from the heavy chains that hold us down.


Step 1: Grab Paper, A Crayon, and Start Writing Things Down

Getting things down paper really helps to relieve your brain of the stress of holding onto useless thoughts. The longer you keep things in your head, the more it starts growing and it just stays there. Writing it out helps to purge your mental facilities so that you can think clearer.


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Step 2: Rank the Top 3 Things That Annoy You

Is it the horrendous coffee you are drinking in the morning because you forgot to get backups of the good stuff? Is it your health? Is it social media?

Once you determine what it is that bothers you the most, see if you can seriously just remove yourself from it or find a solution. If it’s first world problems like coffee and social media, these things are easily remedied. The hard part is just finding the personal resolve to do it. In grad school, I was getting irritated while being entertained by Facebook. I couldn’t take it anymore, so I deleted my account and felt the biggest weight lift off my shoulders. I’ve never had any regrets from doing that. Who needs to be connected to that friend who made fun of you in 4th grade anyway?

If it’s something that you can’t easily get rid of or fix, like health, for instance, determine if you can find healthy ways to cope with it. Chronic illnesses aren’t fun to live with but they shouldn’t be an excuse not to reach your potential in your life. Find people who are living with such illnesses and connect with them to see how they deal with it. If it’s something like body issues, here’s a great article to help you determine how to work through this. This is something I struggle with from time to time. Being a tired mom with two kids, trying to run and eat healthily, but my body really wants to hold on to these extra 8 pounds for dear life.


Step 3: Don’t Be Annoying Back

If it’s something you cannot get away from like people you are obligated to, then you will need to find ways to cope with it. It’s life and not everything will always be easy breezy. Find friends or other family members to support you. Take breaks, get drinks, and have dinners with the people who can commiserate with you yet pull you back up from the trenches. If it’s people you can step away from, then make a real decision to do that for the betterment of your well being. Because guess what, you really deserve to be happy.

But, whatever you do, don’t be annoying back because that simply adds fuel to the fire. The best thing you can do, if it’s possible, is it physically remove yourself from the situation even if you can’t fully remove yourself, forever. Walking away doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re the bigger person for not engaging with what annoys you.


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Step 4: Remember, You Deserve Happiness

The reason people deal with being annoyed is because they are too nice. They just want the other person to go about being happy and annoying while they are dying inside. It’s a consequence of being too nice. Or, it’s also that some people have personalities where they are literally annoyed at every, single, thing. You have to know you deserve to be happy and that you have the freedom to make happiness happen. It’s really hard to do, but no one said happiness was easy to grasp and keep. It’s the people who have the hardest time about thinking of themselves first who suffer the most. Don’t be a people pleaser and suffer silently to keep up appearances when you know life is too short for this.

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