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How to Keep Up With Your Summer Goals

Can’t we take a break from our goals during summer? It’s time to relax, enjoy the long days, and to be honest, it’s too hot to really do anything. Sitting next to a fan or being at the beach seems to be the only viable options to surviving the heat. Thinking about goals in the heat becomes a distant memory because you’re sleepy, thirsty, and overall fatigued.

To be honest, keeping up with your summer goals isn’t about getting a pretty planner or pens. Your motivation is waxing and waning and literally melting with the heat. You don’t have the same verve you used to have at the beginning of the year. Your main goals are to keep cool and hydrated (and for some of you, build that gorgeous glowing tan).

Here are some ways we are keeping up with our summer goals.

Be Realistic

No matter what grand plans we may have had for ourselves on January 1st, the reality is that it’s about to be July and life is swirling all around us. Things are happening and some of them may be keeping us from ticking off the checklist on our to-do lists. So, it’s ok to take a step back and reevaluate as much as you need to. Staying realistic keeps us afloat and keeps us from becoming overwhelmed, preventing us from quitting altogether. Do what you can, when you can, and try to make progress daily, no matter how little it is.


Make Daily Progress

Let’s reiterate this, making daily progress by no means requires you to achieving and accomplishing by leaps and bounds. This goes for the whole year, not just during the hot lazy days of summer. Daily progress can be finishing one thing off the to-do list that will help you get one step closer to what you want to do in your bigger picture.


Keep Your Eye on the Bigger Picture

We are all working on different things at different rates, hence your bigger picture. Only you know your timeline, your schedule, how bad you want to achieve a certain goal, and how motivated/determined you feel. If you just can’t get anything done today, remember there’s always tomorrow to try harder. It’s not the end all and be all of you can’t finish something. Unless it’s a true emergency where there’s fire or death involved, almost everything can wait until the next day.


That’s it, literally 3 things we’ve been telling ourselves daily. Some days are better than others and we pride ourselves on being rockstars on those days. Other days, things come up and we just have to accept that there’s tomorrow to do better. Little by little, slowly but surely, we’ll all win whatever race we are trying to run.

Good luck!

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