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How to Quietly Transition Loved Ones to Green Beauty Through Holiday Gifts

Several food blogs and savvy moms talk about ways to sneak veggies and healthier ingredients into things like cookies and muffins. I wondered how I could apply the same idea to green beauty to family and friends. My strategy for tackling this idea is by introducing my friends and family to clean beauty by giving it as a gift!

The trick here is to choose the right kind of products to give so that the recipient feels like it’s something fun and thoughtful rather than the pressure and judgment from you. And honestly, I believe that everyone has the right to choose and use whatever products they want. The problem is that there are so many choices and it can be hard to know where to start. Not to mention that clean and indie beauty brands hardly get a fraction of the same media and commercial attention and coverage as big conventional beauty brands.

So here’s a little list of what I think are a few great clean beauty gifts for some different types of people that might be in your life. One of the biggest misconceptions about clean/green/nontoxic beauty is that it’s somehow lesser quality and/or less effective than conventional. That is so not the case, especially with all of the incredible options today!


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For the Pop Beauty Lover

This person loves the main drugstore and department store brands like Revlon, Bath and Body Works, and Maybelline. Some great alternatives would be 100 Percent Pure, Lily Lolo, Pacifica, and Jane Iredale. I feel these are comparable in quality and performance as well as being fun for teens and women who are just starting to wear makeup.


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For the Modern Minimalist

This gal is chic and clean with a contemporary edge. She may love brands that provide much smaller product selections that are well put together without the fuss like Beauty Counter. Some alternatives that would match her style would be RMS Beauty, W3ll People, and Gressa. Their lines speak strongly to the minimalist and extremely well styled as a whole collection.


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For the Makeup Pro

This lady is skilled with using the products at MAC and Sephora not only on herself but other people. She can highlight and contour with her eyes closed and more than likely has perfect brows in any given 24-hour period. My alternatives for her would be EcoBrow, Hynt Beauty, Teri Miyahira, and Rituel de Fille.


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For the Luxury Beauty Lover

She’s the lover of brands like La Mer, Tom Ford, and Chanel. You may think there’s nothing in green beauty that could reach this level of luxury, but hold that thought. We’ve got Kjaer Weis, Tata Harper, and Kypris that will definitely appeal to her.


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For the Traditional Beauty

This gal loves the natural look, appreciates the classic formulas, and relishes in traditional scents. Never overdone or complicated, but always channeling the natural beauty from within. Green brands that embody these traits are Vapour Organic Beauty, Indie Lee, and Osmia Organics.

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