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How to Stop a Bad Mood

It’s purely a coincidence that the bad mood article falls on Valentine’s. But, hey, it’s probably a good day than any to address the bad moods. Remember for today, don’t have any expectations so that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. *Wink*

With bad moods in general, life happens. People annoy you, someone cut you off in traffic, the train was late, you got a ticket, you lost your 50th tube of lip balm, or you just woke up moody because of a bad dream. Do you know the bad dream I’m talking about? The one where your spouse does something he would never do in real life, but then you see him on tv in your dream where he’s on the Maury show waiting to hear about a paternity test?


You probably know one person who’s never in a bad mood and if they are, they are basically just less happy than usual but still happier than most. You also probably know someone who’s literally always complaining about something every, single, day and perpetually annoyed that the sun decided to rise in the morning. Most of us are in between these two types of people. You’re pretty content, suffer through minor turbulence during that time of the month, but generally, are old enough to control your emotions without throwing a tantrum at everything.

The fact of the matter is that a bad mood is exhausting and at the end of it, you basically feel like you’ve wasted life. So, here are some tips on how to battle a bad mood.


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If you’re not living under a rock, then you know what hangry is. It’s when you’re hungry and angry. Don’t starve yourself into a bad mood. Whatever food lifestyle you are in, eat enough of it and eat something of a balanced variety so that you’re still not angry by the end of the meal. It’s not fair to the people around you and it’s not ok to lash out at someone when you’re indeed hangry.


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Removing yourself from the situation if possible and going outside can do pure wonders for your mood. A walk, a run, or any kind of exercise will release all the tension in your body and brain and help release some good feeling hormones to banish the bad mood. I personally do an angry run where I end up running faster than I normally do and by the end of my 5-6 miles, I feel like a new person. I don’t want to take out my bad mood on people because I’ve been told it’s annoying, so I take it out on the treadmill.


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Sometimes you’re just so tired that you can’t deal with life, thus the bad mood. If it’s possible like if you don’t have kids or you’re the lucky ones with a nanny, go take a quick 20-minute nap. Anything more than 30 minutes will leave you groggy and want to stab someone in the face all over again. A quick nap will help rest your brain, ease your nerves, and help reset everything.


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If social media is the culprit, then turn off your phone and go for a walk, eat, or take a nap. Research has shown that the more hours you spend on social, the higher your depression, anxiety, and unhappiness is. You know how it goes, you get sucked into the black hole looking at things. Next thing you know, you’re searching for some random high school frenemy you used to be a punk. Turns out they’re living the perfect Pinterest looking life and then you just want to curl up in fetal position and cry.


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If you get to watch any tv or watch too much tv, then you will have seen Stranger Things. If you haven’t, get on the train because the hype is real. You’ve got to watch at least Episode 2 of Season one to find this absolutely hilarious. If you don’t care for our humor, then watch something that makes you laugh! Click here to almost pee in your pants.


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Funny enough that we’ve been talking about findings ways to be happy without spending money. Sometimes, a really bad mood deserves something like ice cream, a new blush, a fancy $6 latte, or something new and tangible you can hold in your little hands. Set yourself a limit, like don’t spend your entire paycheck, but just something little and tell yourself “with this blush, I will feel a trillion times better”. Then, feel better.


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If it’s possible, literally get away from the environment that’s dragging you down so you can regroup. We all have long weeks where things just keep going wrong, so try a weekend getaway to someplace with no reception and lots of trees. It seems like trees seriously help when things get rough. They release the fresh oxygen you need to be breathing and soak up all your toxic breaths.


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Meet up with a friend who knows how to lighten the load off your shoulders. Eat, be merry, drink it off, laugh it out, and soon you’ll be in great spirits again.


The quickest cure to a bad mood is actually simple. If you can cut what puts you in a bad mood out of your life pretty easily, then do it. Chop away. You don’t owe anyone anything other than the true obligations and responsibilities in life such as: caring for your children, pets, plants, maybe your job to keep the pets and kids alive, your spouse if you love them, those few BFFs, some family, and yourself. Sometimes we get into a bad mood is because we are holding onto so many pointless obligations which creates so much internal turmoil. You’re afraid to be “mean” or a to “be a punk” if you don’t reply to texts fast enough, if you have to play niceties with someone who actually makes you pretty unhappy, etc. You know what I’m talking about. Don’t be afraid to cut some of these chains off yourself and chances are you’ll feel so much better. How to get out of a bad mood? We’d love to know!



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