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Kid’s Valentine’s Day Crafts

Before I had kids, I used to semi-dread and semi-hope for something special on Valentine’s mainly due to societal pressures and norms. But, the reality is that every day, you should be loved and cared for and not just on Feb 14th. Then, when I had kids, my guarded, cold heart became open, vulnerable, and even more sensitive to love than I ever really imagined. It’s a fragile but amazing place to be.

The first time my son brought home a handmade Valentine’s craft from school, I thought it was the cutest thing I’ve ever gotten. I came home, put it on the fridge, and swiftly fell apart into a large puddle. What was wrong with me? Was it hormones or was it just sheer exhaustion or a combination of both? Either way, it cemented that motherhood, while hard and frustrating at times, was one of the most precious gifts in all the land because this little person actually thinks the entire world of you, unconditionally.

That said, here are some outrageously cute crafts you can make with your kids and then, you too, can dissolve into a puddle as well. Hope you have fun!


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Fingerprint Love Canvas

What’s more enjoyable than kids, paint, and getting their hands super dirty? Maybe a puppy rolling around in a roll of toilet paper. This project is perfect for kids of any age and so ridiculously easy.


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Pom Pom Love Monsters

Pom-poms are making a comeback or maybe since I’m behind in fashion, they’ve been back. This craft is so cute and easy that you can make a bunch and send them to the entire family to keep in their purses and pockets.


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Candy Huggers

If you’re feeling fancy and want to add some chocolate, these little candy huggers are a little more advanced with those who can maneuver scissors on an expert-level. Print out your favorite critter, grab some of your favorite chocolate and simply tape the little arms around for the perfect little Valentine.


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Heart Day Card

This might be the easiest craft of all. Make a few of these and string them together to make the cutest party banner ever.


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Love Bugs

Just look at this pompom action. Your little ones can help glue the eyeballs on and the head to the feet while the bigger little kids can help you with the ear action.


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Bee Heart Card

We all need some needs during Valentines. Is it the stripes or the combination of yellow, black, red, and white that is just overloading with cuteness.

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