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Light the Way

This month’s theme is Light the Way. I had to sit on on this theme for a bit because my natural inclination is to think “must write about a dark time where something or someone lit the way”. But, who’s really up for dramatic sad stories anymore these days when the entire world feels pretty dramatic lately.

But, then I realized amidst trying to pick a person to lights my way and contemplating about talking about my dog, that it’s not necessarily something else that lights the way, it could simply be you. You can light your own way. And, that way doesn’t need to be something grand, fancy, with a dramatic ending, it could simply be how you get through your day-to-day tasks.

Since this is very much open to your interpretation and obviously, I’m having one doozy of a time coming up with an incredibly moving story, here are some vital things to remember.

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It’s Your Way

It’s your way. Not anyone else’s. And you should never be made to feel that your way is wrong, bad, or insignificant. Everyone has an opinion about something. How you eat, how you parent, how you talk to your kids, how you don’t drink enough water, how you don’t exercise as much as they do, how you are basically different from them. Ignore this. You’ve only got one life, live it well and live it kindly. You pave the way and you walk that path. If you can’t find someone to walk it with you, walk it alone and be triumphant in your successes. Again, it’s your way, and no one else’s.


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Don’t Look for the Light, You Have the Light

I thought about what does “light” actually means. In the literal sense, a light comes from a street lamp, candle, or the flashlight setting on your phone. Figuratively, it could be a higher power that lights the way for you in tough times. Or, it could be a person who lights up your life or a lighted path that you are determined to follow to reach your goals.

Even if you don’t believe it, you’ve got light within yourself that shines bright enough to get you through anything. There are situations and people who will try to dim your light or make you believe you don’t have one, but they’ll only succeed if you let them put your light out. Sometimes we feel alone in our battles and we go searching for validation or comfort. Sometimes it doesn’t happen and other times it does. I strongly suggest that if you are having struggles, that you take lots of quiet time for yourself and be present with yourself. (This applies if you are having problems that don’t require medical attention.) In quiet and peace, you’ll eventually arrive at the answers you need to solve anything. Listen to your heart and listen to your mind. And as froufrou as this sounds, you’ll eventually see the light inside of you that will show you the way.


If you’re having a great time and life is wonderful, hang on to that feeling and clarity in your mind. Realistically, what goes up must come down eventually also. It’s the way of life. When you’re then stuck in a rut, remember that time you felt full of life and the path of clear. What did you do? How did you feel? What was your mindset? Remember that and try to get back to that with all your might to get back on your lighted path.

If you’ve ever had a tough time, we want to know how you stayed on your path. How did you find the light? How did you keep that light?

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