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Minimalism: How to Clean Your Closet

Minimalism is liberating, freeing, and it seems like everyone is on a quest to live as simply as possible in one area of their lives these days. Collecting things we desire and love can bring a lot of happiness. When we get to pass these things down to our grandkids, they become heirlooms. But, sooner or later, we have to admit when we are just hoarding things. If you have kids, you’re probably hoarding toys whether you like it or not. If you don’t have kids, what’s your vice that you know you have to stop?

With the housing market being ridiculous to penetrate and space being of the utmost commodity, we are all looking for ways to minimize what we don’t need to maximize space (and breathing room). Whether you have kids or not, one area that can be minimized is your closet. We literally have things sitting in our closet from 2006 with the hopes of fitting back into them again or that they’ll be in fashion again in a few years (looking at you unnamed item we are too embarrassed to even mention).

With keeping with the minimalist theme, we will keep this enjoyable and short with a collection of very easy-to-follow tips by the experts below.


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7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet

This should be the first step you take when trying to minimize anything in your life. It works wonderfully for the closet as well as shoes, makeup, and other things you end up hoarding because it makes you so happy.


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What it Could Look Like

For the person who loves to see what 15 different outfits could look like with just 5 main pieces, this is an amazing visual to feast your eyes on.


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For the List Lover

If you’re like us and need a checklist to know exactly what you need to create the capsule wardrobe, this is a phenomenal list that covers all the bare essentials.


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Year-Round Capsule

This is the ultimate list of everything you’ll need year-round instead of just one or two seasons.


If you’ve tried capsule wardrobing before, we would love to know your suggestions!

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