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Gift Guide: Eco Style & Fashion

For those socially and eco-conscious ones on your gift list, presents may be a hard one to figure out when your recipient has very refined tastes. Vegan, ethically sourced, fair trade, low carbon footprint, made in the USA, and a host of other pre-requisites can have your head spinning if you aren’t up on the details. This Style & Fashion guide is full of gift ideas that are eco-friendly and ethically sourced (as well as lots of options for the vegan and cruelty-free ones in your life). This means that the materials are faux fur/leather versus materials garnished from real […]


How-To’s of Skincare in your 30s

Skincare in your 20’s has mainly consisted of sunscreen if you’re going to the beach, products to control acne, and staying moisturized if you have dry skin. Skincare in your 30’s tends to be geared toward fixing the problems that occurred from neglecting your skin in your 20’s as well as preventing the signs of aging. Here are a few important things to consider when taking care of your skin in your 30’s. Sunscreen The best anti-aging product is still sunscreen–SPF 30 or higher with UVA and UVB protection. Makeup and moisturizers containing SPF are usually not protective enough. Using […]

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5 Easy Healthy Holiday Dessert Recipes

For some, the holiday season brings joy in the form of lights, decor, a fresh cut tree, a million kids and family running around under one roof. But, for us, it’s definitely the desserts. However, these incredibly healthy desserts below won’t have you feeling so guilty by the next day that you decide to do something drastic like a 7-day fast or run 52 miles in the snow. Who says healthy desserts have to taste like sandpaper or make you regret wasting stomach space on them? Check out these 5 easy, healthy holiday dessert recipes below.   Lemon Melt Away […]

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How to Handle the Holidays (from a Golden-Ager)

It’s December and it’s to time talk about how to handle the holidays from a golden-ager. Just when you’ve put that turkey platter away and folded down the extra chairs, it’s time to get back to square one. Shopping, prepping, cleaning, and making gorgeous dinners for your family for the upcoming Christmas season. But, are you still wiped out from Thanksgiving? I am, too, and that’s because we are the family glue, the “keepers of the flame”, and the do-it-all-women. If this sounds like you, then welcome to my tribe I like to call the “Sandwich Generation”, otherwise known as […]

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Gift Guide: Culinary

This culinary gift guide is a far cry from your typical toasters and blenders. These gift ideas are modern, fun, yet classic twists on some mandatory items that we all need in our kitchens to make our culinary lives a little easier. Even if you don’t like to cook, some of these items will make it so ridiculously easy that you won’t be able to hide from it. Let’s take a look!   Instant Pot 7-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker One of the best culinary items we have ever used here at You can cook a full meal in this […]

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Easy Ways to Clear Adult Acne

Acne is generally thought to be a teenagers dilemma. However, teens aren’t the only ones who are plagued by this physical issue. I know this from personal experience. At the age of 28 years old, I was affected by adult-onset acne. I wish I could say it was easy pinning down the culprit of my acne but honestly, there were various contributing factors such as: mental health (i.e., stress), physical well-being (living a sedentary lifestyle), and improper product usage (i.e., over exfoliation, high-ph cleansers). What cleared my adult acne may not work for you, but addressing these 3 key factors […]

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5 Hacks for Stress Management

We can never stress the importance of dealing with stress enough around here. It affects all aspects of our lives from our emotions, to our weight, to our hormones, and even our skin. Holidays are usually a trying time for most having to juggle more hours at work to have funds for gifts or dealing with all the family, even the ones you can’t even with. Here’s a round-up of some amazing, quick tips displayed in pretty infographics to help you get through any stressful situation.     65 Common Symptoms of Stress + 6 Natural Ways to Manage Stress […]

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5 Healthy Holiday Party Food Ideas

Holiday parties are so fun and holiday party foods can be fun, also. When else is it appropriate to wear sparkly dresses for an entire month? However, it can also be a little stressful if you are the hostess. Specifically, if you are the hostess and you have no idea what to serve your guests. Don’t fear, we’ve got you covered. These holiday party foods are sure to please! Vegan & Gluten-Free Cheese Board Seriously, who doesn’t love a cheese board? You can even make two, or separate a large board into two sections: vegan cheese and dairy cheeses. A […]

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Gift Guide: Gifts Under $30

If you’re on a budget but want to find something nice for that special someone, look no further than this gift guide under $30 right here. We can tell you that the best gifts aren’t ever the most expensive ones. You don’t have to break the budget either to please even the pickiest and hardest of giftees in your life. A great tip we’ve learned here is if you include a handwritten, heartfelt note inside (considering the giftee still has a soul) then any gift is guaranteed to get that person right in the heart. Here’s an amazing gift guide […]

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5 Natural Ways to Beat the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

If you live in a place where winter brings long, dark days, you may have experienced at one time or another Seasonal Affective Disorder or better known as the SAD’s. No amount of pumpkin spice lattes can help combat the dark, rainy, gloomy and dreary days where you don’t see the sun again until March. That’s 6 long months without any sun. And, without any distinction between 7am and 2pm, it can be a little painful. Because of lack of sunlight, people living around the Northern areas of the Americas experience something very real called Seasonal Affective Disorder. The non-medical […]