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Brand Spotlight: Maya Chia Beauty

We are so excited to kick off our Brand Spotlight series with Susanne Norwitz, creator and founder of Maya Chia. Harvard educated with a true heart of gold and passion for her craft, Susanne was gracious to take time from her busy schedule to sit down and chat with Kate about her incredible line of skin care. With so many brands promising to do so many things to your skin yet many times leaving us with no results and disappointed we got caught up in the hype. Maya Chia is far from hype and genius marketing. Maya Chia starts with […]

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DIY Pottery Barn Knock Offs

How many of you love Pottery Barn, but cringe sometimes at the prices? Have no fear, we at TERIMIYAHIRA.COM have found you the best DIY Pottery Barn knock-offs round-up articles in all the land. One of our favorite DIY projects are signs for the home. Whether it be wooden signs like “Dream” or hanging wall art of cute puppies and flowers, once you find the time and get the hang of the process, it’s quite easy and fun. It adds character and flair to the home without having to make a deep investment towards making a hole in the wall […]

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Best Bang-For-Your-Buck Professional Facial Treatments

Facial treatments invoke relaxation: there is nothing better than decompressing in a soothing environment. If you are tired of masking at home, why not go to a spa to relax for ultimate pampering, and indulge in professional multi-tasking treatments? Pro treatments are generally pricey, so choosing services that treat multiple skin concerns is ideal to both save time and money. If you love getting the most out of professional spa services, here are the best bang for your buck treatments that target various skin concerns at once to leave you with your most radiant complexion yet. MICRODERMABRASION One of my […]

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Gift Guide: Men

Women know what they want when it comes to gifts and generally expect us to read their minds and know what they want, too. Yet, it’s not so easy for them when it comes to getting gifts for the men in their lives. Most men don’t put much on their Wish Lists and so our significant others end up thinking the perfect gifts are socks, sweaters, a case of beer, and a round of golf. We can all do better. So, here is the ultimate men’s gift guide that will surely knock those socks and sweaters out of the round […]

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Top Ways to Use Face Oils For Maximum Results

Scents and fragrances are incredibly powerful, and one of the best ways to bring an element of calm and serenity into your day. They evoke feelings and sensations that have the power to soothe your tired body and relax your racing mind. One of the simplest ways to incorporate scents and fragrances into your day is by the use of face oils in your skincare routine. I love using face oils as part of my skincare routine, but as much as that is a true statement now, there was once a time when you couldn’t get within a mile of […]

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Luxe (and Affordable) Home Decor Under $35

When you need your house to look like a Pinterest board, but your budget (after taking gifts into consideration) doesn’t have room for extravagant trimmings, here’s our top affordable home decor under $35.   Voluspa A gorgeous candle always makes the room feel and smell luxe. Voluspa candles are a cult favorite for this very reason. High quality, amazing burn time, never overpowering, and full of elegance. Illama salt pepper This quirky, adorable, porcelain salt and pepper shaker set to spice up your dinner table without breaking the bank. Something about the gold framed glasses on these llamas makes us […]

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5 Easiest Productivity Hacks for the Holidays

I’m obsessed with getting as much done as humanly possible. Every single day. Is anyone else as obsessed with productivity as I am? Sometimes I trick myself into thinking I’m a robot, and then I get tired or near burned out, and I remember that I’m a mere mortal human. And during certain times of the year, where the season is especially busy (like summer and holidays), getting as much done as I want becomes a real struggle. During the month of December, we are going on half-horsepower for #TeamTeri behind the scenes here, in anticipation for feeling extra tired […]

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Gift Guide: Green Beauty

For the green beauty enthusiast (or loved ones you’d like to help transition to a cleaner routine), amazing natural and cruelty-free gift sets at amazing values is always a winning gift choice. Here’s a round-up what we consider, the best of Green Beauty gifts. Odacite Clair de Lune What’s more luxurious than showering your face with a refreshing mist and then treating your skin to a decadent oil? Odacite Clair de Lune indulges your senses and your skin for the ultimate self-care night. Holidays can be fun and exciting, but stressful and overwhelming. Treat yourself (or your #1) to this […]

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Top Productivity Hacks for Moms

It’s funny and humbling when your Chief Visionary Officer (aka Teri) asks every few weeks about productivity while being a mom. The conversation usually goes something like this: “How are you actually getting anything done with two kids and a dog, don’t you have to always feed them, clean your house, do your laundry, and wait, you ran today? 11 miles??? Do you even sleep?” I’ll be honest with you, I need sleep. I am one crabby piece of toast if I don’t get sleep. I’d love the usual 7-9 hours that all doctors recommend for that bright, shiny complexion, […]

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#1 Fastest Way to Becoming a Full-Time Blogger

Oh, the mythical and elusive term “full-time blogger.” Let’s make it clear: blogging or “content creation” (in the form of written articles, YouTube videos, photography, or combination) is considered hard work, just like how people go to work at a 9-to-5 job, Monday through Friday. Therefore, we’re dispelling the notion that bloggers should not make an income. If bloggers shouldn’t make an income, then 9-to-5 employees shouldn’t make an income either, right? Same logic. “Blogging” has been around for centuries. From the revolutionary rhetoric of history’s past to newspapers, journalists on TV, even big news websites of today (like the […]