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Audience Building 101: How to Increase Traffic to Your Website or Blog

It’s a common misconception that businesses and bloggers should only be focused on creating. Creating their product, writing blog posts, photographing pretty pictures. While the creation process is extremely important for any type of brand building, the critical ingredient missing is oftentimes traffic. Where are all these people going to come from so they can buy your products, read your blog posts, and look at your pretty pictures? People (strangers online or offline) don’t just magically show up. It’s not a “we will build it and they will come” kind of process. Oftentimes, a new entrepreneur or blogger will create […]

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Top 5 Positive Coping Mechanisms for Life

What are the top 5 coping mechanisms for life? I’ll tell you in a second. But, if you haven’t experienced stress in life yet, I want to know where you live (like the city, not in your house). Stress is all around us, we can’t escape it. But, we can certainly train ourselves to cope with stress in a way that is healthy and productive. What is Coping? Is it composed of thoughts you have and actions you take to deal with a situation that causes you discomfort (Lazarus & Folkman, 1984). Coping styles are learned, yet they can be […]

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Guide to FitGlow Beauty

In the vast green beauty landscape, certain brands stand out for its wide range of clean and high-performance products. FitGlow Beauty, a Leaping Bunny Certified, and all natural beauty line, is a Canadian brand run by #bossbabe Anna Buss. FitGlow’s products are formulated using whole food based formulas and organic extracts using the latest research to provide the best humectants, plant sterols, and active vitamins that are most beneficial for our skin. All of their items are either vegan or vegetarian-friendly, as some products do contain beeswax. They have made quite a splash in the green beauty world with their […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Acupuncture

No, acupuncture needles do not usually hurt. They are hair thin and are nothing like the needles that you’re used to during your doctor’s visits! If done correctly, acupuncture should evoke calm and serenity. Here is a beginner’s guide to acupuncture for those looking for a less drug-filled and more natural health practice. HISTORY Acupuncture is often seen as an “alternative” to western medicine, even though it preceded our modern medical landscape for thousands of years. It is speculated that acupuncture may have been used as far back as 6000 BCE in China (Hwang, 1996; Ma, 1992). However, the basis […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Vegan Beauty

We all need a guide when we are venturing into new territory. Vegan Beauty can be confusing. Finding everyday beauty that is truly effective can feel like a wild goose chase. Finding effective products that are also vegan can seem near impossible to find. For those who are animal loving, who are uneasy with the idea of bugs in your makeup (yes, bugs!), or if you currently eat a vegan diet and are looking to make the switch to an overall animal-free lifestyle (minus our furry family members), here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Vegan Beauty to help you. They are […]

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Top Green Beauty Subscription Boxes

It can be hard to find a natural beauty subscription box that you actually like and, believe me, I’ve struggled with the best of them. I went years subbing and un-subbing to box after box until I found a few that I really enjoy and find true value in what they offer. There’s a lot of fluff out there when it comes to beauty boxes so I wanted to share my top picks for the best of the best. No more time wasted; only beauty discoveries await you!   GoodBeing; $18-$21/Month GoodBeing box is probably my favorite green beauty box […]

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Why There’s No Such Thing as Competition

Short answer: If you feel like you have competition, then you’re doing a horrible job at being unique, different, or bringing value to your audience and customers. I get this all the time: other beauty brands who want to work with our brand on the editorial side, find out that we also have our own cosmetic line of products, then suddenly sees us as competition to their own business. WRONG! Besides those other beauty brands simply projecting their frustration with their own sales/revenue onto us, it’s incorrect to assume that the TMB cosmetic line is even their competition. Ohhh snap, […]

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Top Beauty Tips for the Aging Woman

Notice that I didn’t say “anti-aging” woman? In my opinion, those two little words are extremely toxic and I have been eradicating them from my life. Aging is a privilege that we receive every morning when we awake to another day. Now that we’ve defined us aging gracefully instead of fearing time, let’s move onto a more fun conversation of skin and beauty, as it’s important to feel our best at any age. As we age, our skin gets dry, flaky and new nooks and crannies are popping up everyday. The answer towards combatting these ailments is moisture, and lots […]

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Simple 3-Day Food Detox

Are you feeling bloated or fatigued, suffering from acne, digestive issues or brain fog? If so, you may be in need of a little quick and easy diet detox. We’ve all been there: exhaustion, lack of sleep and too much business in our lives. But the problem could actually be inward versus outward. Our bodies are exposed to toxins everywhere – from the food we eat, to the air we breathe and even the personal care products we use. And the most gentle and easy way to detoxify is through nutrition. Take three days for yourself to participate in this […]

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Audience Building 101: Introduction to Easy Email List Building

Contrary to popular (amateur) belief, email is not dead. Email is the single highest converting touch point for audience cultivation and sales conversions. If you are a business, brand or blogger, and your platform relies on the Internet, then email should be your #1 marketing focus. Yep, email list building is more important than the number of social media followers that you have. And referring to the above statement, if email were dead, then you couldn’t use your email to log into your social media, right? Now that we have the air cleared, let me illustrate with some real metrics […]