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Daily Planner (Free Worksheet Printable)

Daily Planner Morning and evening routines, done daily, can effectively get more done, ensure that your health is consistently improving, and overall sense of wellbeing increases over time. Everyone’s morning and evening routines will differ, depending on your daily responsibilities, work and family obligations, and more. My personal morning routine includes: tidying the house, feeding my puppies, and drinking a green juice. My personal evening routine includes: some kind of beauty care such as a face mask, quick tidy of the house, and letting my puppies out. Click the button below to grab your Free Downloadable Meal Planner!   xoxo […]

Big Picture, Productivity & Planning

Should You Be a Ghost Writer?

Writing is an art and a past time. If you feel you’re great at it and are looking for ways to monetize on this talent, you might want to consider being a ghostwriter. First, a ghostwriter is someone who writes materials for someone else who is the named author. Second, you’re probably thinking “OMG, excuse me, why would I do this?” Third, I’ve collected some short articles below that outline the pros and cons of this occupation. Depending on your outlook on life, you’ll either soak in all the pros and feel excited about this possibility. Or, you’ll scoff and […]

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5-Minute Streamlined Beauty Routine for the Busy Woman

A 5-minute streamlined beauty routine for the busy woman is what we all need right now. Yes, it is that time of year again. Our days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and it’s time to get back to the books. It’s go-time again for so many of us, whether you are a mom, Nana, anything and everything in between. It’s the time to streamline our daily routines. I’ve got it down to a few products in five minutes and I promise you can do it too! FACE After cleansing my skin, I go for the 1-2 punch […]

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Managing Time for Back-to-School Parents

Remember those days when you had 1 or 2 kids and if you were at home, all you had on the agenda was music class, the park, and story time? Then, when your child started pre-school, you had to adjust to not crying and not vomiting at the front of the school knowing that it was just a few hours a day for a few hours a week. You managed to get home and do some chores before heading out to get your child to resume your at-home schedule. Then, at pre-k, they upped the ante and your baby was […]

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Light the Way

This month’s theme is Light the Way. I had to sit on on this theme for a bit because my natural inclination is to think “must write about a dark time where something or someone lit the way”. But, who’s really up for dramatic sad stories anymore these days when the entire world feels pretty dramatic lately. But, then I realized amidst trying to pick a person to lights my way and contemplating about talking about my dog, that it’s not necessarily something else that lights the way, it could simply be you. You can light your own way. And, […]

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Part 3: How to Avoid Subscription Box Regret

In the last segment of subscription box selection, we will talk about how to avoid box regret. It happens to all of us in the consumer world. You regret the purchase and it hurts even more when you can’t return it for a full refund. You read: Two hundred dollars worth of beauty products for only $19.95?! You think: β€œWow, that is amazing. Sign me up” You sign up. You receive afore mentioned box. You tear into it dreaming of the beautiful products you got at a major discount. You look through the box and nothing works for your coloring […]

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How to Achieve Your Goals with This Simple System (Free Worksheet Printable)

OUR GOAL GETTER 1-PAGE SYSTEM Why are goals and dreams so difficult to achieve? Because we’re taught the importance of setting goals (“New Years Resolutions,” anyone?, but no one taught us a system to actually achieve them! People have been asking me for years how I’m able to create large multi-million dollar businesses, while doing hobbies, learning new skills, improving my relationships, and how I “do it all”. My secret has been my “Goal Getter System”, an easy-to-follow process that takes your big goals and breaks them down into actionable steps that you can schedule in your calendar to get […]

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Top 10 Natural Seasonal Transition Beauty Products

Summer is winding down, school is starting again, and pumpkin spice everything is around the corner. Now that we’ve spent a good few months out in the sun, we need to replenish our skin and hair back to its sultry goodness. We’ve put together a seasonal transition skin and body care regimen chock full of products that are tried and true.   Maya Chia The Revitalizer Beautifying Supercritical Body Oil You’ve heard it before, our skin is our biggest organ and we must do more than slather lotion onto it after spending months in harsh weather. This is where Maya […]

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Beat the Heat

How on earth are we supposed to beat the heat when it is so hot everywhere. To deny that global warming is an issue is a topic for a whole new day. That said, it’s hot, hot, hot. It’s not even that enjoyable level of hot where you feel happy being outside. It becomes more of a question of “but, do I have to go outside?” Some of you may love the heat and humidity that feels like it’s frying your organs from the inside out. Some of us are just the weaker kind of humans. However, in all serious, […]

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Finding Your Way Out of Rock Bottom

Everyone’s rock bottom is different. For one person, it could be on the hinges of death from an overdose because of addiction or debilitating depression. For another, it could be losing everything important because of their selfish actions. One way or another, rock bottom is a complete feeling of loss of one’s sense of being and purpose for living. The worst cases of rock bottoms have some of the most awe-inspiring stories. We love stories with extreme adversity and knowing the person rose from the ashes. But after feeling that initial inspiration, we usually quickly revert back to our own […]