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5 Hacks for Healthy Lips

How many of you are always dealing with chapped or dry lips? You are not alone. We are always applying lip balm and we make sure to have one in every pocket of every jacket and purse. There are a few people out there who never seem to need lip balms like Eva Mendes who credits drinking plenty of water and LL Cool J who’s literally always licking his lips. Using the same products applied to your skin probably has never worked too well for your lips unless the ingredients work well for both your skin and lips at the […]

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Spending Less on Things & More on Experiences Makes You Happier

Before you keep reading, let us state that there is nothing absolutely wrong with engaging a little retail therapy for when you just need that new palette, shirt, lip balm, or shoes. We aren’t trying to make you live like monks here. Cutting through the righteous bird turd and talking about how we don’t need things to be happy is asinine. We are human and need the things because of the world we live in today. Holding something tangible in our hands just makes us happy. What we want to drive home here is that engaging in buying all the […]

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Pursue Meaning, Not Happiness

As we wrap up focusing on January’s theme of change, we want to touch base on happiness. We are all about finding happiness, keeping happiness, and even training our brains to be happier. If you’ve figured anything out by now, it’s that being happy is really hard to do. Waking up happy and staying pretty happy feels almost impossible if you are emotional or easily affected by life around you. It’s being human and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The crazy thing is that we’ve been going about this all wrong. Here’s the revelation: Pursuing happiness only makes us […]

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7 Foods For Glowing Skin in 2017

We all want glowing skin. While we love our green beauty products, there is no easier way to get your glow on than with food! Believe it or not, nutrition factors like hydration and nutrient dense foods can transform your skin. Many of these items below are things you are already eating anyway, so let us know if you think they’ve been great for helping you get glowing skin! Water and lots of it! We talk about water so much around here but we can’t stress how important it is to drink water. Hydration is absolutely key for glowing skin. […]

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Guide to Brow Care

Many of you have heard that your eyebrows frame your face and that is absolutely true. Not only can well-groomed brows wake up a tired face, they can also be the feature everyone will be fawning over. A pair of naturally shaped brows is all the rave now. Remember, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins, thus it’s about time we move on from the “Insta-brows”. While there are so many brow tips & hacks on the web, here are the ones you should really be following.   Don’t Over Pluck Ladies, the 90s are long gone, and we aren’t after […]

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5 Easy Swaps for Green Beauty Beginners

If you’re new to green beauty, the options to switch out your beauty can feel intimidating and daunting. So many items are not available in-store and then you wonder if your switch is green enough. We here at TERIMIYAHIRA.COM are all about balance and finding products that are cleaner while having the high performance that you expect, especially if you are paying twice or thrice the amount of conventional beauty you can easily pick up at Target. While some of these items are not accessible in-store, they are available at bigger online retail shops where return policies are generous and […]


Top Tips to Real “Anti-Aging”

I’m here today to talk about anti-aging but the catch is here to remove the “anti” from the entire meaning of the word. The word “anti” leads to a counter-productive mindset. It makes us think we are not good enough. We are no longer attractive. We have nothing to offer. That without our youth, we are “less than” and worst of all, that our best days are behind us. These thoughts could not be further than the truth and I need everyone to drill this into their head. Aging is a gift. Aging is a privilege. Aging isn’t about what’s […]

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The Power of Writing Things Down

When’s the last time you wrote someone a letter, on nice stationary, until your hands cramped? We’re willing to bet not since 7th grade when you passed notes to your best friend between classes with the final sentence being “write back soon or else!”. Communication since the turn of the dial-up internet has been all about sending quick emails. Then, when cell phone providers started giving everyone free texts, it became about quick texts. Getting a call from someone these days feels more like a threat than a welcomed treat. If calling is almost extinct, then writing with a pen […]

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Brand Spotlight: You Skincare

We are so excited to do a brand spotlight with You Skincare. Amy is the creator behind this line that was born out of her struggles with acne. Through research, dedication, and motivation, she was able to create products that not only improved her skin but others who struggle with any skin issues. Because Amy is a biologist, she took stringent measures to carefully research her product line and in part, that’s why it is so amazing. The other part of why this line is effective and beautifully made is because Amy is so warm-natured, passionate, and puts her heart […]

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Top 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

The old sayings goes that “Health is Wealth” and “Prevention is Key”. We are human and even the most rational beings will let things fester or delay taking care of a suspicious ailment out of sheer terror of what it could be. That’s when we resort to WebMD that essentially scares the living daylights out of us into thinking the absolute worst. As natural as it is to delay finding out the truth about health, it is natural to say that we don’t realize it until it’s too late that the best gift of life is to be healthy. There […]