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Part 1: How to Choose a Green Beauty Subscription Box

Are you debating on trying a green beauty subscription box? At this point, there are so many great boxes to choose from that actually choosing which one to try can be daunting!

This is part one in a three-part series about green beauty subscription boxes. As an avid subscription box lover, I have been asked over and over again, “Which box do you recommend?” Well, I can’t answer that for you! Instead, let me help you decide which box is right for you and your unique needs and preferences. Make sure you follow along for all three articles as each one will contain great tips on how to pick a box!

Before we move onto all the great boxes out there, you need to answer these three questions:

One, are you picky?

I don’t mean this is a negative or high maintenance way. Here are some examples of what I mean when using the term picky. Are you sensitive to ingredients? Are you very specific about your skincare? Are you very particular about the base tones of your make-up? If so, then subscriptions boxes might not be right for you because they have an element of SURPRISE! Often times you have no idea what you are going to get. Some people find this exciting and for others, it can be very unsettling. Be honest with yourself about this question before moving on.

Two, what are you hoping to get out of a subscription box?

Boxes tend to fall into two distinct categories. On one hand, you have boxes that focus on what I call, ‘beauty discovery’. They send you samples of items that range from trial to deluxe sized samples. These boxes give you a wide picture of the green beauty industry and what brands are on the market. Boxes in this category tend to have a lower price point (average $10-$20). On the other hand, you have boxes that send full-size products. In this price range (average $30-$50), you need to be confident in the person who puts together the box (more on this in part three). These boxes tend to be more expensive but offer a significant increase in value over the price you paid for the box.

Three, what is your budget?

Boxes on the market these days can range from $15-$100. It is important to have a firm number in your head before perusing the many box options. You can easily be swept away into the allure of expensive boxes. Trust me, don’t resort to eating ramen every day just so you can afford a subscription box.


Got your answers? Ok, see you in part two where we talk about ALL the amazing box options out there!

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