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Part 2: Which Green Beauty Subscription Boxes to Consider

Welcome back! This is part two of a three part series on green beauty subscription boxes. As a, ahem, subscription box addict, I feel qualified to now impart my top picks. These are beauty boxes that consistently deliver a solid value for your dollar, as well as offering thoughtful item curation. This list isn’t long, however, these boxes truly epitomize the concept of the beauty subscription box: which is simply to deliver a surprise box of goodies that delight you every month (aka random monthly Christmas).

There are so many clean beauty options on the market right now but I have only chosen the boxes I have/would purchase myself to list. These boxes offer the subscriber a keen educated eye into selecting green beauty products.



Fyi: Pretty much everything I know about makeup I learned on You Tube (from people like Teri!).

Teri Miyahira Beauty Box

Right now, the beauty/makeup subscription box makes up a large chunk of the subscription box market. The reason I think you should skip the other clean beauty makeup boxes and subscribe to either of the TM boxes is that Teri herself is a makeup junkie. She brings her unique eye, standards, and taste to the box. She is sending what she herself wants to get in a subscription box. All those qualities add up to make an amazing box that you will actually use!

Monthly box ($40)
This box includes 2 full sized makeup items and 1-2 other items that can range from brushes to skincare. In the past 6 months, she has repeatedly sent out beautiful rose gold brushes, as well as beautiful makeup!

Capsule collection ($32)
This box was newly launched this month. It contains makeup in pan form that is meant to be placed in a magnetic palette. It will contain 3 full sized items that will be seasonally appropriate.



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Beauty HeroesMonthly box ($38 a month/3 month commitment):
BH is one of the original green beauty subscription boxes. I have watched this box since they were once called Spa Heroes. Month after month they aspire to deliver one full sized, or “hero” product a month that is free of “villain” ingredients. They consistently deliver quality skincare/hair care/body care!


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BoxwallaBi-monthly box ($49.95):
This box mostly sends green beauty skin care with a touch of lip products. Lately, their focus has been on showcasing unique craftsmen level skin care with brands like Earthwise Beauty, and Siam Seas. They have really hit a chord with skin care lovers who desire to shop small and purposeful.


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Good BeingMonthly box ($21)
In the past, I subscribed to this box for over a year. Their concept focuses more on sending you beauty samples with some full sized items. They introduced me to the variety that exists in green beauty and helped me discover some of my favorite brands.


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Petit VourMonthly box ($15)
This is one of the most affordable as well as one of the longest running green beauty boxes. They offer access to sample sizes that range from skincare, body care, and makeup. Despite the lower cost, they still send a great value as well as high-end products.


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Glowing BeetsMonthly box ($29.95)
This box sends a mixture of indie brands that vary in size. They have also included a few lifestyle items which are such a welcome variation in the beauty box category.


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PearlesqueMonthly box ($39.95)
This box never ceases to impress me. They have a unique concept in that they focus on showcasing brands from geographic regions. They offer only travel and full sized products (no samples). They really set themselves apart by offering one brand per month and a multitude of products from that brand. A really excellent value if you are looking to get started into green beauty.


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Face Mask AlchemyMonthly box ($12)
Well, no list would be complete without the box I started myself. This is a box devoted to green beauty face mask lovers. Every month we whip up a creative seasonably appropriate dry face mask and include the educational resources to back it up!

If you didn’t see a box you are interested in on this list then tune in next month when I will go over a few tips on how to avoid the dreaded subscriber regret.

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