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Part 3: How to Avoid Subscription Box Regret

In the last segment of subscription box selection, we will talk about how to avoid box regret. It happens to all of us in the consumer world. You regret the purchase and it hurts even more when you can’t return it for a full refund.

You read: Two hundred dollars worth of beauty products for only $19.95?!

You think: “Wow, that is amazing. Sign me up”

You sign up. You receive afore mentioned box. You tear into it dreaming of the beautiful products you got at a major discount. You look through the box and nothing works for your coloring or skin type. Alas, you are disappointed. It goes deeper than that though. You have subscription box regret.

It has happened to all of us no matter how thoroughly you vet your boxes. Here I offer some of my tips after many many MANY experiences with subscription box regret on how to try to avoid that dreaded feeling.

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1. Curation

Every box is put together by someone. Before you subscribe, I recommend figuring out who that someone is. This is especially important now because the subscription box world has exploded. There are so many variations of boxes on the market that it is easy to fall down a rabbit hole. First, check out their website. Often times boxes have bios about the who and why they put their box together. Look for boxes where people have experience in the area of the box they are creating. For example, Teri Miyahira was a known makeup junkie prior to starting her subscription box. Jeannie Jarnot from Beauty Heroes worked in the Spa industry for 10 years prior to starting her box. Field experts are going to curate a much more cohesive and unique box than someone who is just throwing products in a box.


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2. The Three-Month Rule

You are scrolling through Instagram and come across a phenomenal looking box. You cannot believe the beautiful products they sent for an amazing price. You sign up. You get your first box. It is a bust. Well, we are all individuals. So for our unique experience, every box can have a good month and every box can a bad month. My best advice is to look at the past three months of a subscription box offerings. If over the three-month span you find that there is something substantial in each box that you like then you are ready to subscribe. If you find you only liked a small amount of the past three months products then you may be better off skipping the box.


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3. Don’t be “Star-Struck” by Promised Retail Value

Yes, getting a $100 serum for $20 seems like a phenomenal value. However, if it doesn’t work for your skin type then it really wasn’t a great value. You would have been better off buying a serum you actually really wanted. Beware that boxes will use their promised retail value as a major selling point. Before you fall for it, evaluate the curation and apply the three-month rule. This will help you avoid being buried in trying to gift, trade or sell unwanted products. True story, two years ago, I did not buy any Christmas presents for friends or family. I just created boxes out of leftover subscription box items. Don’t follow in my footsteps.


That concludes part three of this series on Green Beauty subscription boxes. I hope this helps you pick the best box for you. The right subscription box can be a blast. They really do feel like a bit of Christmas every month.

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