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Push Beyond

When was the last time you pushed yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of? How did you feel when you emerged on the other side?

I always use the example of running a marathon and you are probably over it. But, please bare with me. It’s the ultimate example of pushing one’s self beyond the physical, mental, and emotional comforts we are accustomed to. You have to keep going through the physical pain and battle with your brain whether or not you can will yourself to keep going. Toss in emotions and the physical pain can either diminish or intensify depending on what you’re thinking about.

I’ve seen people run in memory of their loved ones who’ve lost their battle with cancer or other ailments. They are hobbling down the street, clearly in physical pain. But, their faces and emotions are full of calm. In that moment, I feel like I am witnessing a person pushing beyond. They are winning a battle over the physical pain and aching limbs screaming at them to stop now. Then, I quit internally whining myself and keep going.

Yet, pushing beyond doesn’t have to be something as dramatic as running a marathon. Marathons are dramatic. Have you ever seen people cross the finish line? It’s an entire menagerie of emotions full of tears, falling to their knees, joy, maybe a little disappointment if they didn’t meet their intended time, etc. Yet, the same sort of emotions applies to any situation where you find yourself pushing beyond. There’s sweat, tears, frustration, crying before you reach the end result where you feel complete and utter elation.

Whatever you have going on right now, whether it’s a task, a project, or a personal struggle, we urge you to find the strength to push beyond. We may not be able to help with everything you’re going through, but we also know that anyone can push beyond their limits if they really want to. Some instances are harder than others and some things that obviously you can’t push beyond. Sometimes, we all just need a little encouragement and reminder that we are greater than makes us feel stuck or frustrated. We’re not going to use the example of little kids starving who become CEOs or people who are born without limbs who go on to do triathlons. You are not living their life, you are living your own, so the comparisons are moot points and should be used as inspiration.

We want to know how you’ve overcome your hardships (don’t need to go into detail about them) and what you did to push beyond these hardships. How did it make you feel during the journey and how did you feel at the end? What advice would you give your fellow readers in how to keep fighting the good fight and to keep pushing forward? Let us know in the comments below!

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