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Review: 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette

An everyday go-to makeup palette is essential for the efficient, streamlined look. Something with the basic eyeshadows and pretty blush can go a long way. Not only perfect for daily looks but critical for travel. Palettes are another one of my weakness because I love having a lot of variety at my fingertips in one cute package. It’s also interesting to see how creative brands can get with their palette configurations and what they decide to incorporate. I love all powder or all cream palettes. The ones with mixed creams and shadows make my OCD worry about the powders mixing with the cream!

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100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Pretty Naked Palette

This 100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette is a go-to everyday makeup look. I love the first version of this (there are many versions now) because it’s a quick all-in-one face for eyes and cheeks. All 5 pressed powders have medium pigmentation, so you can apply with eyes half closed and not worry about perfect blending. A great value for 5 full-sized shades in a handy palette for daytime, office, weekends, travel and any other time where you just need to slap on makeup and go.

What’s your favorite go-to palette?!

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