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Review: Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation

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Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation

Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation is your foundation if you’re looking for a lightweight, buttery smooth, satin finish foundation that has skin-loving properties. I adore the finish and how it glides onto my skin. By the end of the day, my skin is actually amazing and feels and looks even better than when I woke up thanks to their amazing blend of oils and minerals.

My shade is in 3.5, which is a medium neutral shade. The foundation can be applied for light coverage and buildable up to medium coverage very comfortably. I love applying it with my fingers and then finishing it off by dabbing with my Beauty Blender for an extremely flawless and natural finish. I set lightly with a setting powder and I’m good to go for about 12 hours. I find that this foundation is suitable for all weather, from the extreme cold in the mountains to the scorching humid days in Southern California.

In living up to its minimalistic name, Gressa’s serum is not only travel-friendly but vegan-friendly, organic, and chock full of powerfully good ingredients for your skin. You only need 2-5 drops of foundation to achieve the coverage you desire. This little bottle is powerful, foolproof, and the perfect all-in-one skincare infused makeup product you’ll ever need!

Let me know your thoughts about Gressa Minimalist Serum Foundation if you’ve tried it!



  1. I love it but in the florida heat if im outside I feel it doesnt cut it. I still have foundation but im not sure if i will repurchase just because the price went up to a whooping $62

    • Oh no! I understand it can get a little “slippery”. Do you set it with any setting powder? I find that in LA heat, I get sweaty, and if I use a good setting powder AND setting spray, it holds up much better! Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, Angie!

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