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Simple Home Organization Hacks

Home organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task. And there are benefits to be had in a home where you feel like there’s space around you, no matter the size of the home. An organized and tidy house makes for a comfortable and serene home. It’s not so much that our homes need to be dust-free, minimalistic, and sparkly. It just needs to be somewhat clean (like not sticky or moldy) and things need to be put in its space so that you can live in a pleasant space.

You don’t have to do this in one day, but it’s something you can work on when you feel “inspired” little by little. Here are some helpful hacks to make organization easy and pain-free for any part of your home. Let us know your favorite little hacks in the comments below!


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Linen Closet

It took me hours of YouTube videos until a friend literally came over to show me in person how to fold those dang fitted bed sheets. I used to just roll them into a bundle and stuff them in the linen closet. But, now that I know how to finagle these sheets, everything looks and feels better. Thank baby Jesus. #fittedsheetsaretheenemy


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Ah, I spend a lot of time in the pantry because that’s where all the food ingredients, toaster, all the snacks from Trader Joe’s, puppy snacks and the Vitamix are. Also, the kids think that this is where the actual Trader Joe’s store is so it’s like “hey, let’s go shopping.” Ultimately, this particular room goes into disarray pretty quickly and keep it organized is a bi-weekly event. These are the best hacks around!


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The fridge, where things get pushed to the very back, die, and stink up the house. There’s a fine balance between stocking it and keep it empty, then feeling like we don’t have enough food in the house for the offsprings. So, inevitably, things get lost and I’ll spare the details. These hacks are useful and actually work because now I can reach for my fruit and sparkling mineral water with ease.


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This is where things end up piling up, things that don’t even belong in the kitchen! Some of also love kitchen doodads then we end up tossing it in the pantry. Here are some clever ways to keep all the kitchen tooks organized (so you can kind of buy more spatulas).


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If you’re reading this, you probably have a lot of products and are always trying to find ways to organize them. These hacks are for you, they are for all of us who have far too many things without shame. I personally would love a rack of facial oil mounted on the wall. How about you guys?

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