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A well-balanced life is possible, no matter what the critics say.

“WORK/LIFE BALANCE IS SUCH A MYTH! A FALLACY!” is what the recent article titles on the Internet say.

Sounds to me like people simply gave up.

Because of how work/life balance is difficult, to begin with, people gave up trying to take control (or even slightly influence) their own life by allowing two very different daily experience, work, and life, to bleed into one another. The truth is, I’ve had many failed significant other relationships because I couldn’t get a handle on the so-called “balance” that’s not supposed to exist in the first place. I simply worked too much and my personal relationships suffered.

That’s where I began thinking if there’s a real-world solution to work/life balance (or balance in general). Simply put, anytime we do too much of one thing, our focus goes away from other areas. Leading a life that’s out of balance almost always becomes detrimental to our overall health and happiness. My personal examples include:

Work too much = Failed relationships
Eat too much processed foods = Weight gain
Spend too much money = Drowning in clutter

If you feel like you’re running in circles, ignoring your well being, and you tend to “make due” with the cards the life hands you versus taking control of the outcomes, then welcome!

We’re here to answer the simple question of “how to create balance and stay sane”. We can’t do it all, so what are the key components to work on in order to make life a little easier? The answer is in our daily balancing act.


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