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5 Best Eyeshadows for Spring

Spring is trying to break through the grips of winter around here which means we are all changing up our makeup color schemes. Spring is the perfect time to brighten up our looks. Today, we will quickly share with you our top 5 favorite eyeshadows for spring. Eyeshadow during the daytime in Spring is often optional as we are mainly focusing on our skin and lip color so we can quickly head out the door to play outside. But, eyeshadow doesn’t have to be hard. We often think about having to pick at least two colors and blend expertly to […]

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Bright Spring Inspired Makeup Tutorial

For most of you, can you feel that new zing in the air? If so, then guess what? Spring is finally here! Spring is very short lived in my neck of the woods. It quickly goes from allergies to heat stroke, all within two months. But, I still love the warmer weather full of sunkissed skin, bright lipstick and if you live in the south, big hair. Anyway, one season at a time. I’m here to show you my favorite spring-time look. As always, I gravitate towards letting my natural skin shine through and just complimenting my face with a […]

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Fast & Easy Beauty

Fast and easy makeup is what we all yearn for when we have busy lives. Especially when you become a mom, beauty takes a backseat to everything else! We often don’t get to shower or eat like normal people, let alone slowly blend in our eyeshadows. However, feeling pretty is still essential. We were once women before we became selfless moms who cared about how we looked. None of that is dead now that we have little lives to worry about. So, I’m here to share some of my daily beauty staples. I keep it very simple by using products […]

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Smoldering Valentine’s Day Look

There are 24 hours left until Valentine’s Day and not that we’re counting, but planning out a makeup look takes time. But, have no fear, we’ve created another simple, yet sexy, smoldering Valentine’s Day look for you. This entire look takes about 15 minutes, so it’s not overly complicated or complicated at all. You won’t need a trillion products to achieve this look. Check out how it’s done below.   Face I used my favorite powder foundation, Au Naturale Cosmetics in Lucia, but any favorite foundation of your choice will do. I then applied Au Naturale Concealer Powder in Flax […]

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Romantic Valentine’s Makeup Look

How many of you love Valentine’s Day for the fun fact that you get to put on extra makeup? For my Valentine’s Day look I wanted to create a soft smokey romantic look with a classic light pink glossy lip. I love a bold red look as well but for me, Valentine’s is more soft and romantic. Here’s how I created this look.   Skin Prep First, I spritzed my face with the Teri Miyahira Radiant Beauty Mist to amplify any moisture lost during cleansing. Then, I applied the MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil to help keep my skin feeling supple […]

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Guide to Brow Care

Many of you have heard that your eyebrows frame your face and that is absolutely true. Not only can well-groomed brows wake up a tired face, they can also be the feature everyone will be fawning over. A pair of naturally shaped brows is all the rave now. Remember, eyebrows should be sisters, not twins, thus it’s about time we move on from the “Insta-brows”. While there are so many brow tips & hacks on the web, here are the ones you should really be following.   Don’t Over Pluck Ladies, the 90s are long gone, and we aren’t after […]

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Brand Spotlight: Era Organics

We are so excited to bring you another Brand Spotlight with Era Organics. I discovered Era Organics in the darkest depths of skin despair back in 2014 during one defeated night of staring at my huge hormonal acne. I decided to purchase the cleanser and complete moisturizer on a whim. I can say that Era Organics changed my skin for the better and gave me back the confidence I desperately needed to face the grocers at Trader Joes and Target again. Tyler has also become a great friend, always willing to answer any and all questions about skin care. Anytime […]

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Best of Green Beauty (Free Shopping Guide Printable)

Go All-Natural with our Clean Cosmetics Guide! Transitioning to an all-natural beauty routine is simple with our Best Of Green Beauty shopping guide! We’ve done the hard work of looking through ingredients list and testing products for performance! Our list has over 50 makeup products from foundations and lipsticks, to blush and eyeshadow, so you can build your clean cosmetic collection with ease! Living a natural lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, confusing, time-consuming or expensive. Click here or the image below to grab your Free Downloadable Green Beauty Shopping Guide!  

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Guide to Natural Oral Healthcare

Oral healthcare is an essential part of everyone’s daily life, but have you ever stopped to think about the ingredients in your toothpaste or how environmentally friendly your toothbrush is? If not, you aren’t alone. Purchasing conventional oral care may seem like the only option, but there is a world of natural brands out there that are making products with safer ingredients, that are effective, and won’t have any adverse effects on your health. Fluoride free? No jazzy blue stripe down the middle? Not to worry. I promise you won’t miss a thing about your old dental care products with […]

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Easy Ways to Clear Adult Acne

Acne is generally thought to be a teenagers dilemma. However, teens aren’t the only ones who are plagued by this physical issue. I know this from personal experience. At the age of 28 years old, I was affected by adult-onset acne. I wish I could say it was easy pinning down the culprit of my acne but honestly, there were various contributing factors such as: mental health (i.e., stress), physical well-being (living a sedentary lifestyle), and improper product usage (i.e., over exfoliation, high-ph cleansers). What cleared my adult acne may not work for you, but addressing these 3 key factors […]